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Chapter Four: Immigration and Oppression: The Assault on Cultural and Language Diversity

Donald M. and Rebekah H.

Beka Houseal

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Chapter Four: Immigration and Oppression: The Assault on Cultural and Language Diversity

Immigration and Oppression: The Assault on Cultural and Language Diversity Chapter Four Part of Section Two in "Understanding..."

Immigrants are labeled as “Foreign”
Threaten “White Supremacy”
Curbing immigration
Reform of Immigration Laws in 1965
Continuation of anti immigration activities Overview: Xenophobia: The fear of or prejudice against people from other nations.

Nativism: Anti-immigrant beliefs that support the protection of the native people of a country from immigrants who are seen as threatening.

Assimilation: process in which immigrants adopt cultural traits from their host country and are absorbed into society. Colonial America: The Beginning British colonists: ethnic diversity vs. racial diversity

British considered "dominant"



Anti-radicalism The native American party then gained political dominance.

Americanization Nativism, Politics, and
Social Change! Are settlers different from new immigrants?


English Only Movement How absurd is Xenophobia and Nativism, in a Country of Immigrants? Juan Montoya Xenophobic Attitudes: Violence towards immigrants and speakers of different languages (Example: Chicago)

Xenophobic Attitudes: Reactions to speakers of other languages (Example: Doctor's Office)

"I'm not Spanish"

Chevron: Immigrant Contribution to Society
Immigrants contribute more than one assumes, over $10 billion a year! Why Do Immigrant Families Tend to Lose Their Native Language? Native language is usually lost by the third generation. (Example: Jeremy)
Hollywood Stars tend to lose their native language and cultural identities due to forced assimilation. (Examples: Charlie Sheen, Selena Gomez, Cameron Diaz, Jessica Alba, Mark Sanchez) Lessons or Activities Teachers can use for their students: Start by bringing to attention that The United States of America is a country built on immigrants.
Bring a beach ball that looks like an Earth.
Have the students point to the country, or countries, of their heritage and the languages they may speak or their ancestors may have spoken.
Then the student can throw it to another student who speaks the same language or is from the same place. Showing that we are all connected and that America is a melting pot! Anti Semitism New Racism: Not only race, but color. Not only colored but NOT WHITE ENOUGH!
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