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ramana paheerathan

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Energy Sound energy is like radiant energy as it travels in different directions in waves.The main difference is that sound energy needs to vibrate to make the waves flow.A whistle,A voiceand horns all use sound energy. sound energy Electrical Energy Nuclear Energy Mechanical energy chemical energy Radiant energy is basically light energy and
is like sound energy and travels in all directions in waves.A Microwave,the sun,and a light bulb use radiant energy. radiant energy Energy can be in many forms.The 6 main forms are Electrical energy, Radiant energy, Mechanical energy, Chemical energy, Sound energy and Nuclear energy.Most of these energies can be in our every day life.For example, electrical energy is what we use everyday and even mechanical energy.These energies can be very useful to our environment.Even though they are vital they can be hazardous to our nature and even us.For instance, If Nuclear gas leaks out the atmosphere or air of the area can be polluted and most likely will be dangerous to breathe in.This basically means that we need be careful about some of our energy forms.To do this we need to make mature decisions about this like when to user it or not or if you should use it or not. Electrical energy is one of those energies that we use everyday to run our lives or to help run our lives. Electrical energy is mostly seen in batteries and the outlets in your home.Some of the devices that use electrical energy are TV's, Camera's, Clock's and many more.So if electrical energy runs out we might have something to worry about but don't worry because experts say that electrical energy will probably last forever.But anything can happen. Nuclear energy is made by atoms being in a special process in which the atoms are broken into smaller parts.If nuclear gases leak from their plants like in Japan than the air could be polluted and could be dangerous to be in. These gases can be polluting the air for decades and can still be dangerous.Luckily in Australia we do not have nuclear plants because we would not want it to leak.Eventhough In Australia we do not have many natural disasters it can be possible for the plant to leak. Mechanical energy can be made by humans.Mechanical energy is basically made by the movement of something.An easier way to remember the meaning of Mechanical energy is to remember it as movement energy.For example a rolling wheel produces mechanical energy.So basically any moving object produces Mechanical Chemical energy is stored in food and will be eaten.Once it is eaten it starts to react in the body.It gives energy to the body
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