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ECS Volunteer Award

No description

Caiden Baxter

on 26 May 2015

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Transcript of ECS Volunteer Award

Creativity is needed when helping the community because sometimes in order to be successful you must have an original and new idea. I have thought of many different ways of helping those in need throughout the community.
Service is the base of volunteering. I complete service by volunteering for Meals on Wheels, a local organization, during the summer. I also volunteer at youth events for my Native American tribe such as helping at Halloween parties, representing the youth at conferences, etc.
Enthusiasm is shown by being eager to help. I am eager in my everyday life to help in any way I can. I believe helping in both big and small amounts can make a difference.
Someone does not complete something unless they have the initiative to do so. I show initiative because I arrange to do volunteer work, enjoy completing it, and will complete it at any given opputunity possible.
Trustworthiness is a very important quality to have in order to be successful in any task, including volunteering. I show trustworthiness because I always follow through with what I say I will do to my fullest capability. Many people trust me including my parents trusting me to watch my siblings, teachers trusting me run errands I need to run, etc.
Why I should recieve the award...
I believe I deserve this award because not only do I excede the standards for an ECS Ambassador, I also maintain e
ECS Volunteer Award
Caiden Baxter
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