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Copy of Unit 65: Web Animation for Interactive Media

Task 2: Web Animation for OCLive, part 1

Ruth Cabourne

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Unit 65: Web Animation for Interactive Media

Ideas Results Research Web Animation Reflective Journal Important
Details Stimulus: There are lots of ways of stimulating and recording your ideas:
mood boards;
visualisation, eg sketches, storyboards; visual style;
colour palettes;
interactivity ACTIVITY:
Discuss in pairs then draw a mind-map or list of your initial ideas for web animations. What do areas you think you will need to research? Legal and ethical considerations: Assets: Animation specification: Using your research; ACTIVITY:
Write a 500 word reflection on your work today.
Identify the following in your reflection;
What has gone well today and why,
What has been challenging and why,
Anything new you have discovered,
What you will be doing next. Reflective Journal ACTIVITY:
Write a 500 word proposal for your web animation. Web animation
project proposal Take notes during this presentation. Task 2:
Web Animation for OCLive,
part 1

Compile a research and planning portfolio, which thoroughly records your creative process in preparation for your web animation. You must include storyboards and sketches and the whole planning process, including schedules and minutes of meetings. You must keep and write regular entries in a reflective journal throughout this assignment.

[Grading Criteria Unit 65 – P2, M2 & D2.] Evidence required:
Project portfolio – part 1 containing:
•All ideas notes, sketches and drafts
•Planning documents
•Source image audit sheet
•Legal and ethical implications
•Project proposal
•Reflective journal.
what have you been asked to do and why?
Write a short summary of your brief. ACTIVITY:
Choose three of your ideas;
and draw a storyboard for each
describe in a short synopsis for each idea. LO2 Be able to devise web animation ACTIVITY: research possible sources of assets for your web animation;
original graphics;
stock image library resources;
freehand drawing ACTIVITY: Research and record your findings in the following areas;
legal, eg copyright, libel;
ethical, eg confidentiality, decency, privacy;
representation, eg race, gender, religion, sexuality ACTIVITY: Research and record the following;
the purpose of your animation (client needs, target audience, content, publishing format);
the aesthetic quality of your intended animation (visual style, layout) You will now write a project proposal and an entry in your reflective journal about the work you have been doing today. everything is important - keep a record of it ALL!
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