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Joseph Merriam

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of TRAIN THE

A Sacred Trust
"The responsibility to train a new missionary is a sacred trust from your mission president and the Lord."
Your Example
Love, serve and listen
Be positive!
Seek to be an increasingly effective teacher of the gospel
Be obedient
The most important way you will train your companion!
Training Model
- Explain
- Demonstrate
- Practice
- Evaluate
- Repractice
Most Important Qualities in a Trainer
#1. Patience
#2. Patience
#3. MORE Patience
"Patience is related to hope and faith. "

"You need patience in your everyday experiences and relationships, especially with your companion."
- Preach My Gospel p.120
Elder Hepworth - The District 2
Tatay na ako!
Kaya ko yan!
Watch how he approaches companion study with his trainee, Elder Belt.
How can we learn and improve from this example?
Treat your companion as an equal
Remember that you are always teaching
Focus study on investigators
"Stay anchored..."
Conduct effective planning
Help your companion take the lead
Follow the training schedule
Training a
New Missionary
"Your companion is also entitled to receive inspiration for your area. Counsel together..."
"The First 12 Weeks booklet contains a training schedule to guide companion study..."
Additional 60 Minutes of Companion Study
Personal Study
Language Study
Apply the following guidelines as you study and proselyte together:
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