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Project Management

No description

David Tinoco

on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of Project Management

Project Management
Project Quality Management
Includes the processes and activities of the performing organization that determine quality policies, objectives, and responsabilities so that the project will satisfy the needs for which it was undertaken.

- Project Integration Management
- Project Scope Management
- Project Time Management
- Project Cost Management
Project Quality Management
- Project Human resources Management
- Project Communication Management
- Project Risk Management
- Project Procurement Management
- Project Stakeholders Management

Project Management Body Of Knowledge
Subject : Software & Systems Quality

- Merino Celis, Francisco
- Tinoco Reyes, David
- Valdivia Marquina, Peter
Importance of Areas during Project Planning
- Different levels of influence.
- The most influence areas are Time, Risk, Scope and Human Resources.
- Invest more planning efforts in higher influence areas.
- Level of importance depends on the industry.
- Initiating Process Group
- Planning Process Group
- Executing Process Group
- Monitoring and Controlling
Process Group
- Closing Process Group
Perform Quality Assurance
Technology projects management with virtual work teams
Gastón Adatti
Common Problems In Project Management

Inputs, Tools & Techniques and Outputs
Planning Quality
Control Quality
Planning Quality: Inputs
Planning Quality: Tools and Techniques
Quality cost
Control Diagram
Proprietary methodologies of Quality Management
Additional Quality Planning Tools
Planning Quality: Outputs
Quality management plan
Quality metrics
Quality checklist
Before PMBOK
What is PMBOK?
Knowledge Areas exert different levels of influence on a project success.
The most influential areas are Time, Risk, Scope and Human resources.
Quality Assurance verifies if the project goes according all requirements.
PMBOK is one of the most tool that a project would need in the development
Quality is the best form for to offer a product or service.
EBSCO articles:
The Relative Importance of the PMBOK® Guide’s Nine Knowledge Areas During Project Planning (Ofer Zwikael, The Australian National University, Canberra, ACT, Australia).

Applying PMBOK to Bookstore UP
Project Management Plan
Bookstore UP is an inventory control system that helps in the management of books information.
Main deliverables:
Product registration
Inventory update
Sale process
Making reports

WBS (Work Breakdown structure)
- Web Designer
- Web Programmer

Stakeholder Register
- Suppliers
Go Daddy
- Clients
- Libraries
- Pacific University
- Other Universities (No user)
Risk Register
- Book Information
- Web security
- Broadband internet
- Report file type

- Specific domains for the book information
- Add the SSL to own project
1. Plan Quality Management
2. Perform Quality Assurance
3. Control Quality

Cost of Quality (COQ)
Cost of compliance:

Prevention costs
Document processes S/. 250.00
Equipment S/. 3,000.00

Evaluation costs
Testing S/. 800.00
Control S/. 1,500.00

Cost of noncompliance:

Internal costs for failure
Rework S/. 500.00
Discarded work S/. 200.00

External costs for failure
Work by guarantee S/. 800.00
Business lost S/. 1,000.00
Some features from similar projects:
Remote control, access from any workstation.
Assets states, to track the complete life cycle of products.
Get one view of all the assets: books and merchandising.
Mantains history of software changes.
Track all purchase requests using a purchase order system.
Customize purchase order with additional fields.
Ability to export reports in pdf, xls, and HTML format

Do you buy PMBOK in a box? Do you implement it? What is the first step?
PMI Member benefits
Define Scope
Cause and effect Diagram
Requirement Documentation
Affinity Diagram
1. Project management before PMBOK
2. What is PMBOK?
3. Groups
4. Areas
5. Importance of Areas
6. Project Quality management
a. Planning Quality
b. Quality Assurance
c. Control Quality
7. Technology projects management with virtual work teams
8. Do you buy PMBOK in a box? Do you implement it? What is the first step?
9. Brief explanation of Bookstore UP
10 PMBOK applied to Bookstore UP
12. Bookstore UP Quality Management
13. Conclusions

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