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Lord of the Flies

By Alex Odonnell

Alexander Odonnell

on 21 February 2012

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Transcript of Lord of the Flies

Lord of the Fies By Alex Odonnell William Golding About the Author Context Inspiration Characters Ralph Jack Piggy Quotes Symbols Summary Fire Jack Ralph Specs The Conch What you will see:
About the Author
Historical Context
Simon The Beast We enter the story with a 12 year old fair haired boy named Ralph. He comes across Piggy a boy he had just met. They discover they had been shipwrecked. In an effort to rally the other boys Ralph picks up a conch shell and blows on it like a trumpet. Some boys start to come from all around including a lanky, red haired fellow named Jack Merridew and a male Choir. The boys decide to elect a chief. Between Ralph and Jack, Ralph was the victor. Ralph starts to create a civilized society with rules. Ralph Jack and Simon (an older boy head) off to explore the island and jack comes across a pig. He refuses to kill the pig and lets it go but states that next time he won’t hesitate to kill. The explorers return and decide that Jack and his choir boys will hunt for more boars around the island. A small boy with a distinctive birthmark steps forward and claims to have seen a “Beastie”. Ignoring the boy ralph wishes to create a signal fire on top of the mountain to help them get rescued. With some rotten wood gathered they use Piggy’s specs to light the flame. There is a small mishap resulting in a small forest fire. The boy same boy that claimed to have seen the monster has now mysteriously disappeared. While Jack’s Hunters are failing to turn up any food, Ralph and Simon flustered with the others laziness are making huts for the litluns (smaller children). A comment from Ralph to Jack is made spiraling them towards hating each other. Simon, all alone comes across a peaceful grove where nobody can find him and he can be alone with his thoughts. Jack comes across some red and brown clay and whips up a mask. With his mask he feels like someone else and he is free from the shame of killing. Later on the hunters catch their first pig but let the fire go out and a boat travels past the island. Jack and the Choir boys, teasing piggy break one of his lenses halving the smartest person on the island’s sight. Ralph is starting to get fed up with the boy’s disobedience so he calls a meeting. During the meeting boys interrupt him left and right. Ralph stares down at the fading conch fearing that it is losing its power over the others. One night fighter jets battle above the sleeping boys. All of the sudden a parachutist falls from the sky landing near Sam and Eric who fell asleep attending the fire. When they awake to the form of an ape looming over them, they get scared an run back to tell the others. The tribe travels to the top of the mountain armed with wooden spears to kill the beast. Reaching a point where Jack, Rodger and Ralph are the only ones brave enough to continue they encounter the beast and flee down the mountain to warn the others. With news of the beast keeping others petrified jack snatches the conch and blows it clumsily calling a meeting of his own. The boys split up into two tribes. Jack and his savage choir boys and what is left of ralphs civilization. With the location of the beast known Ralph and his tribe comes to the conclusion that moving the fire to the beach away from the beast is their best bet. Meanwhile the savages have killed a mother pig and her piglets. As an offering to the beast they take the sow’s mangled head, mount it on a stick and leave it in Simon’s peaceful glade. The savages without fire to cook the meat visit Ralph’s tribe and they feast. A midst the commotion of the savages celebratory Howling and dancing Simon slips out to his special place only to find a Boars head leaking black blood mounted on a pole with flies swarming around it. The head with the voice of the Lord of the Flies speaks to him. Simon learns that the true identity of the beast is the evil that lay within mankind and it is inescapable. Simon falls unconscious with the Lord of the Flies promising to have “fun” with him. Jack asks all the boys if they would like to join him and the savages to have fun and party. All the boys leave with the exception of Sam and Eric. Simon in a rough state starts to stumble toward the mountain where the beast is. Ralph and Piggy left alone, decide investigate Jacks monarchy of madness at Castle Rock. What they come across is Jack sitting on a stone throne ruling over the other boys with an iron fist. The savages are reenacting a hunt when Simon interrupts and tries to prove that the beast isn’t real. The boys don’t recognize him and claim that he is the beast. Chanting "Kill the beast! Cut his Troat! Spill his blood!" they brutally team up on him biting and ripping him apart. Ralph and piggy wake up regretting the foggy experience they had last night. Jack leads his tribe to make them believe that they had actually slain the beast. They depart and steal Piggy’s glasses so now Ralph’s tribe cannot start the signal fire. In one last attempt to return the other members to his tribe Ralph brings the conch to castle rock but gets rejected by the guards. Robert throws stones at them when Jack returns from a hunt and sees the boys so he sends some hunters out to find Sam and Eric and tie them up. Ralph filling with rage attacks Jack and they burst out into a rumble. During the conflict Piggy gets struck with a boulder killing him. Ralph left all alone, realizes that all aspects of civilization and intelligence have been stripped from the island. Starving he goes to see Sam and Eric who are now guarding the Gate. They refuse to let him in but give him some meat and warn him that Jack plans to send the whole tribe after him. Ralph goes into hiding in a thicket where the Savages are unable to get to him so Jack lights the forest on fire in an effort to chase him out. Ralph falls and gets knocked out. He awakes aboard a ship with a naval officer peering down at him. He peers over at the other boys naked, dirty, painted and embarrassed that they had gone savage in such a short period of time. The officer inquires “Who’s boss here?” “I am” replied ralph loudly. “What I mean is … maybe it’s only us” (Simon)

This is an important quote because this foreshadows the true identity of the beast, us. Since the beast lives figuratively inside every human being this explains that Simon is starting to discover the true identity of the beast.
“Ralph wept for the end of innocence, the darkness of man’s heart, and the fall through the air of a true, wise friend called Piggy” (narrator)

This quote very close to the end of the novel meant that despite being saved from a naval officer and returning to civilization he will never be the same. Although he still has his life he, had witnessed the darkness inside man and lost the sweet innocence of a child
“There isn’t anyone to help you. Only me. And I’m the Beast. . . . Fancy thinking the Beast was something you could hunt and kill! . . . You knew, didn’t you? I’m part of you? Close, close, close! I’m the reason why it’s no go? Why things are the way they are?” (the lord of the flies )

This quote is when the true identity of the beast is revealed by a pigs head on a stick. From now on Simon knows without a doubt what is going on. “You knew, didn’t you?” this particular phrase explains that all along he was the only one that knew the truth.
“Roger gathered a handful of stones and began to throw them. Yet there was a space round Henry, perhaps six yards in diameter, into which he dare not throw. Here, invisible yet strong, was the taboo of the old life. Round the squatting child was the protection of parents and school and policemen and the law.”(Narrator)

This quote explains some of Rogers’s morals and thought of authority remain so he avoided actually hitting litlun. This is also an important milestone to the group’s declination to savagery because some of the other boys are starting to use force as opposed to words in order to get what they want.
“His mind was crowded with memories; memories of the knowledge that had come to them when they closed in on the struggling pig, knowledge that they had outwitted a living thing, imposed their will upon it, taken away its life like a long satisfying drink.”

This Quote was after Jack’s first time killing a pig. A monument in his declination to horrible savage behavior. This explains that all he could think about was the past hunt. Simon felt power flowing through him. He felt very superior claiming the life of a creature. His pride didn’t come from helping out the tribe but from out smarting an animal and killing it.
Fire-the fire represents hope. When the fire is lit it creates smoke which can get them rescued. Getting saved is the most important thing to civilization (it is Ralphs top Priority). When we put survival over the fire we are becoming savage (just like Jack did his first kill). Jack- Jack represents the savage side off humanity. When we put Survival over everything else we become like Jack. We see when all boys turned to his tribe they have become savages without rules free to do whatever they please. Eventually everyone becomes a savage with the exception of Ralph, Piggy and Simon (piggy and Simon died instead). Savage nature is the ying to civilizations yang. Ralph- Ralph represents the civilization side of humanity. When all of the boys left him to go off with jack the lost their sanity and resorted to savages. Ralph creates a society that works with rules as opposed to a disorganized free for all. Specs/Piggy- Piggy’s glasses represent intelligence and logic. They can start fire and without them piggy (the smartest boy on the island) cannot focus properly. Half way through the novel when one lens is cracked by jack teasing him, we can see that the group is starting to lose intelligence. And finally in the end when the glasses are lost most boys have become mindless savages Conch- leadership/social order. When ralph is holding the conch at the start the boys all turn to him as chief. Later on when jack steals the conch the initial split between the two tribes was made. Beast- the evil inside every man. This inescapable entity is the only real danger in this novel Simon- spirit. Simon is the only one that knew what was actually going on. He was also the only one that knew that working together was the true answer to survival. Themes One possible theme for this story could be loss of identity because when the children arrived at the island they were innocent little children but later on they had turn to savages that killed others and started fires in the forest. In the beginning jack had trouble killing pigs like most people would but later on the hunters like jack would cover their faces in clay so it wasn’t that hard to kill because they weren’t themselves. Another theme could be civilization vs. savagery. Throughout the novel we see Jack and Ralph in a struggle for power. At the beginning of the novel civilization has total power. Ralph creates a functioning society with shelter, politics, rules and classes (litluns common people/Bigunsupper class). Later on when Jack is starting to take command of the group we can see savagery peeking through cracks. For example: now Biguns (like Rodger when he is throwing stones) are abusing their size to get what they want. At the end of the novel savagery had won with Jack in charge and all the boys chasing Ralph through the woods on a wild goose chase. Sources:



Ralph- The novels protagonist who was elected leader at the start by all the other boys. It is this 12 year old boy’s job to create a mini community on the island. Ralph is more of a doer than a thinker he likes to take command physically (like when they are carrying logs he goes for the biggest one). Ralph has fair hair he is taller than most of the boys. Ralph wants the boys to act like a civilization. He behaves calmly most of the time but when people are lazy he gets annoyed like when he was constructing huts for the littluns. Ralph interacts with others through the conch. Ralph is pretty clever. He believes that civilization is the answer. I like Ralph he is a real leader. Ralph represents civilization. Jack-Jack is the novels antagonist. He is the leader of a group that hunts for pigs in the forest. He used to have trouble killing( like how he could not kill the first pig they caught but after he wore a mask he had no trouble killing). He represents the savage side of humans. Jack has red hair; he is tall, pale and skinny. Jack likes to be in charge like we see in chapter 8 when he yanks the conch and calls a meeting for himself. He secludes himself with the other hunters (members of the choir). Jack believes that survival is the most important. Piggy-Piggy is ralphs first mate. He is very smart (he has a lot of ideas like the fire on the mountain) and is kind of like the groups mom. Piggy is very mature for his age He takes care of the other smaller children. Piggy represents intelligence in the group. Piggy is robust, he has blond hair and wears glasses that he likes to call specs he tries to avoid the group of hunters because they tend to beat up and tease him. Things were starting to look up for England in 1954 when this novel was written. The people have gotten through and are now recovering from crisis like the depression, the Korean war and the world wars. for the first time in a long time there was no fighting going on. Now people didn’t have to be either rich or poor they could be in between in the newly formed middle class. Life is good so why not sit down and write a book about mankind’s inner evil? But to make a novel like this there would have to be a lot of influences.

William Golding served in the Second World War as naval support for D day. He witnessed fighting first hand and this changed his thoughts on human being generally good hearted and society being the evil one. The war made it hard for him to believe in man’s basic innocence. With his new view on humanity the foundation for lord of the flies was born. William constructed the characters in this novel so vividly. Golding took actual faces and voices from boys he taught and fixed in characters like Piggy, Ralph, Simon, Jack and the other boys. Some related novels are Treasure Island, coral island, swallows and amazon. Today we see similarities in the movies and on television like Survivor man, Man vs wild and the castaway. Born on the 19 September 1911 to parents Alec and Mildred Golding in Cornwall, England Sir William Gerald Golding lived to the age of 82 (passed away 19 June 1993). Growing up with was his dad Alec, his mom Mildred and his brother Joseph. He went on to marry Ann Brookfield an analectic chemist and had two kids named Judy and David. As a child he attended Marlborough grammar School where his father worked. Young Mr. Golding found an interest in literature starting with Anglo Saxon (old English) texts and then poetry which he also wrote. Despite trying to write a novel from as early as age 12 his father wanted him to go into the sciences. Golding studied natural science for two years at oxford then transferred to a program for English literature. When the war started in 1939, William joined the royal navy. He was involved in antisubmarine/antiaircraft projects. A lot of success for William Golding was caused by his first novel lord of the flies. Lord of the flies was declared outstanding novel of the year by E.M. foster. Mr. Golding won a Nobel Prize for literature in 1983, a James Tait Black Memorial Prize for best Fiction Novel (1979) Darkness Visible and a The Man Booker Prize Best Novel winner for Rites of Passage in 1980. He also worked in the army and after his service he taught at an all-boys school. This novel is the tale of how adventurous schoolboys descend into barbaric nature as opposed to civilization when they are left without adult supervision. Golding’s message was that evil lies within everyone. From innocent school boys to soldiers. Non fiction
The Hot Gates: And Other Occasional Pieces (1965)
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Lord of the Flies / Pincher Martin / Rites of Passage (1984)
Pincher Martin / Free Fall / Inheritors (1997)
Poems (poems) (1934)

The Brass Butterfly (1958)
Secondary Characters Sam and Eric- these inseparable twins stick with Ralph and Piggy until the end. Sometimes referred to as Samneric they can often be found throughout the novel tending to the fire and they were the first to come across the beast (parachutist). They were the last to join Jacks tribe after being tortured by them. Maurice- Maurice is a boy that is constantly what is right with the absence of adults. He sees what is going on around him and does not know if savage or civilization is the answer. Rodger-Rodger Is kind of like Jack’s lieutenant. He represents savage nature at its absolute worst. he was the one that rolled a massive boulder down the hill at castle rock killing Piggy. Simon-Simon is a kind young boy who is very spiritual. Simon likes to hide away in a hidden glade and admire nature. All along Simon knew that working together was the real answer and he was the first to find out that the beast was inside him and everyone else. The End
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