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Jesus Heals 2 blind men

No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 4 October 2016

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Transcript of Jesus Heals 2 blind men

What actions can we show?
We can demonstrate kindness by helping others overcome difficulty's. Faithfulness can be demonstrated by trusting someone in partner work. Gentleness we can do by not getting angry when someone does something you don't appreciate., show courage to speak up for a mistake you have made. Show understanding by understanding others problems .
Gifts and fruits
This scripture shows kindness: when jesus helps to heal these blind men. faithfullness when the blind men have faith in the lords powers. Joy: when the blind men rejoice for having sight.
This scripture shows: courage: when the blind men cried out for help. Understanding: because Jesus understood what happened to them and how much they have suffered.
but the 2 main Gifts of the holy spirit are showcased as courage and Faithfullness.
Jesus Heals Two blind men

By Izzy, Stuart, Sania and Claire

this image is symbolic to the scripture because of how the 2 blind men had faith in Jesus
2 blind men seek Jesus's help in healing there eyesight Jesus request that this will be private but they go against Jesus
This image is linked to how the blind men have courage to seek Jesus's help.
What is an example of this today?
Why do people help others?
We think that people will help others because there conscious tells them that helping people is right, we also think that to make the world a better place they should follow in Jesus footsteps by making others happy. But if someone does something nice for you and they request for something you should keep true to them. That's basically how you justify this story for others. Projects like Caritas and St Vincent believe in a better world where people are free from poverty and the only way this can happens is if we make a change and help others.
How can we justify this today?
We use this story to symbolize of modern society that people can do a good act for someone else as Jesus did Yet this god act doesn't have to go so far as to heals someone's sight we can do little things for people like helping them work or just make them smile. But if requested to do something for some one do not go against their request.
The significance of images and how it portrays the scripture reference
This picture signifies how the blind men believed in gods healing powers
This image signifies how much we believe that Jesus will take care of us
This image signifies Jesus's mercy for them and everyone who he has helped and how he hopes for us to make a change in others lives
Example's in the modern world
As the medic left, 2 injured men followed yelling “help us” when the medic entered the injured men followed and the medic said to them “ Do you believe I can do this” they said to him “yes” then the medic healed them “ make sure no one finds out about this” and the two men left and spread the word. explain why? this story is an example of a modern version as these injured people put there faith into the surgeon and in return the surgeon makes them better.
Our conscience
This bible reference links to our conscience because we have to make the choice if we want to be friendly and help people when they are hurt like Jesus helped the two blind men in the scripture.
What is the scripture/images about ?
Caritas Australia helps to keep people out of poverty and to help improve their lifestyles and keep them safe.
Orange Sky Laundry helps to clean people in poverty's.
Soup Kitchens in America help to feed people in poverty or who can not afford to live an ideal lifestyles.
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