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The Truss Bridge

You are going to learn about the Truss Bridge

Ian Theriault

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of The Truss Bridge

In this you will learn about the Truss Bridge By: Ian,
David The Truss Bridge A Truss Bridge is a bridge that uses trusses. Trusses are several individual members that act on tension and compression. What is a Truss Bridge Advantages What are some advantages and disadvantages of a
Truss Bridge How does a Truss Bridge work? The Truss bridge uses a triangular pattern for its strength. It sometimes also has these trusses under it to keep it strong. Disadvantages The bridge is light
so it can hold a lot of weight. They can be used as foot bridges
or bridges that people can walk on. Since they are light they are quite often
to be used for railroads and trains. They are very expensive to build today. Another thing that is good is since they are light and stiff they can be portable or can be moved to different areas. These bridges take a lot of work to maintain it. They are also labor intensive An example of a Truss bridge is the Bollman Truss Railroad Bridge which is located in Savage, Maryland. The bridge was built in 1869 by the architect of Wendall Bollman. What is an example of a Truss Bridge? They can be made out of wood and metal What are some characteristics of the Truss Bridge Here are some characteristics of a Truss Bridge. It uses Trusses, it can be made out of wood and metal, it's strong and is stiff. By: John,
David That's all we hoped you enjoyed learning something about the Truss Bridge.
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