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A Closer Look at Weebly & Style Secrets

This presentation shows the best features of Weebly (website builder) and Style Secrets (blog/online store).

VJL Cañal

on 25 July 2013

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Transcript of A Closer Look at Weebly & Style Secrets

A Closer Look at WEEBLY
& Style Secrets
You can simply sign up using your Facebook account or directly create a Weebly account.
The second you've logged in, the first thing to do is to:
There are over a hundred fresh themes to choose from with different

Weebly also have the Mobile Options to modify the look of the website in mobile view.
As soon as you've signed up,
you can type in your log in details
The toolbar is used by simply clicking, dragging and dropping the elements to easily build a website
The Divider and Column elements in the toolbar is a great way to create a good structured website. There can be up to 5 columns to a page.
Beautifully organize photos with the Gallery and Slideshow elements. There's a wide selection of slideshow styles to choose from.
Media Elements allow you to upload video, doc. or audio files.
For interactivity, contact form, RSVP form, poll social icons, forums and survey elements are made available and can be configured the way you want it.
Commerce elements are great for selling products with Weebly by adding a Paypal or Google Checkout account. Google AdSense can be used for advertisements on your site.
Add content to your website with the use of the title, text, image + text and image elements.
a website easily made with Weebly.
Style Secrets have five sub-pages.
Use the navigation bar or choose to click any photo

which will directly open to a page like this
In each of the four sub-page there is a brief information with photos to guide its readers on different types of clothes.
Welcome to the Style Secrets homepage
The Figure Flattery section teaches its readers what to look for, what to avoid and what not to forget when choosing a style of clothing that best fits their figure.
The lower section of 4 sub-pages contains the feed reader and the forum where customers/readers can discuss, comment, and respond to the blog.
The Contact Us page is where visitors can find the contact information, location and make a purchase.
Social media integration is also made available.
Visit Style Secrets NOW!
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