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Chris Farley

No description

Maya Aldis

on 9 February 2016

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Transcript of Chris Farley

The media soon realized Chris Farley was not acting like himself, he soon became grossly over weight, with flushed skin, a hoarse voice and was sweating like crazy.Which are some of the side affects of the drugs and substances he was abusing. Asides from his body changing many described him as totally out of it with horrible mood swings and also beyond demanding. Many hated working with Chris after the drug and alcohol problems started.
Changes in appearance and personality
What drugs did Chris Farley use? + How the drugs affect people.
Outcome for the Actor
Chris Farley used drugs such as Cocaine, Morphine, Alcohol, Opiate Intoxication, and Anti depressants
Morphine can kill you if it is combined with alcohol. It can also stop or slow breathing, cause severe drowsiness, weaken your muscles, cause your pupils to pin point, cause clammy skin and more.
Cocaine is either smoked, injected, or snorted and has high and powerful affects on the brain, heart emotions and about everything else imaginable. Some other outcomes are loss of memory, high blood pressure, and can cause Hyperstimulim anxiety.
Opiate intoxication has the same affects as Morphine and is just as deadly and hazardous.

Monday, February 17, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
how the drugs destroyed Chris Farleys Fame
Damage to Reputation
Chris Farley was born on February 15th 1964 in Madison Wisconsin. Farley was well known for his loud energetic, comedian style. He starred in movies like Tommy boy, Beverley Hills Ninja, Black Sheep and being one of the main stars of Saturday Night Live. But as his stardom grew his troubles did as well. Chris soon became pressured by his stardom and turned to drugs and alcohol. Nevertheless he will forever be known as one of the funniest actors ever seen on television, and the fat guy in a little coat that made the world a funnier place.
Chris Farley
Who is Chris Farley?
On December 18th 1997 Chris Farley was found dead at age 33 in his Chicago apartment by his younger brother John. There were many reasons Chris died, it was a combination of Cocaine and Morphine overdose, Alcohol, Opaite intoxication, stress/ pressure, Antidepressants, Coronary Atherosclerosis (narrowing of the arteries) and Overeating. When Chris died he weighed a total of 296 pounds. Chris is missed on a regular basis by Family, Friends, Colleagues and the Cinematic Universe.
On August 26, 2005 Farley was given the 2289th star on the Hollywood walk of Fame.
Rest In Peace Chris Farley
Throughout Chris's childhood there was many exposures to drugs and alcohol. His Father Thomas Farley owned a very big oil company and when business was hard, Thomas used alcohol and drugs and thrashed out on his family. Chris was also often bullied about his weight at school and was even more so teased during his movie career. His insecurities, self doubt and haunting past were all contributing factors to his drug and alcohol use.
I remember one time when all nuns in my catholic grade school got around me and mom in the middle and they said "Mrs. Farley the children at school are laughing at Christopher not with him." i thought who cares as long as they are laughing.- Chris Farley
As Chris's drug problem started everyone could tell he was not being himself, he was trying too hard to be funny. As a result people started laughing at his comedian style rather then with him. When Chris learned of this he tried to fix it by trying even harder to be funny. His good friend Chris Rock explains that "Chris didn't want to be known as the Fat Guy that falls down and he cared deeply for his reputation". "Anything for a laugh," he would often say - but before long, Farley's growing dependence on drugs and alcohol began to interfere with his big screen work. During the filming of his final film, "Almost Heroes" in 1998, co-starring Matthew Perry, the filming had to be stopped countless times due to Chris frequent trips to rehab. Things kept on getting worse from there, Chris Farley was seen spent the last day of his life in the company of a prostitute named Heidi. That evening, after several hours of hardcore partying, Heidi took Farley back to his apartment where the two continued to smoke crack and snort heroin. Chris tried to convince his guest to stay the night before collapsing in his doorway. Heidi assumed the Actor had passed out, the prostitute let herself out, but not before snapping a photo of Farley in this pathetic state. Little did Heidi know that she had seen Chris Farley die in that moment. As this information spread to the Media people began to despise him thinking of him as a terrible role model.
Damage to Relationships
I couldn't find much information about how the drugs Chris used affected his Family, but I do know he went party hopping frequently and he often returned home late drug intoxicated and or drunk. I would think that as Chris came home he might thrash out on his family, talk nonsense and perhaps offend them. The Farley Family must have been embarrassed about his behavior.
Chris's good friend David Spade said that he was never serious, and always did the famous line from Tommy Boy Fat guy in a little coat in the office. David Spade says they would repeatedly tell him its not funny anymore. Another example is that one night after a long SNL night, Chris and the main actors Adam Sandler, David Spade and Chris Rock were walking home when Chris saw a young woman getting into a cab. Chris tried to flirt and got in the same cab as her. The woman was unaware that this man was Chris Farley and started punching and kicking him. When Farley returned to his friends they explained "well if she dose not know you she will think your just some scary fat guy." They insulted each other all the time but I guess Chris did not have as thick skin as his friends thought. Chris was desperate to fit in and have someone truly love him but instead he pushed people away and lost people truly close to him. The drugs isolated him from ever having a serious relationship.
What lead the celebrity to drugs?
Mental Health Changes
As for Chris's Mental Health changes no one knows for sure what changes occurred. But it has been said that Chris might have been in deep stages of depression (perhaps after being rejected from a movie role). Chris's dark secrets and demons died with him.
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