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Copy of Once by Morris Gleitzman

Book Report

Chloe Young

on 24 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Once by Morris Gleitzman

Point Of View Definition of point of view:
The narrator's position in relation to the story being told. The point of view in "Once"
is first person. The story would leave the reader confused if another point of view was used. The reader wouldn't know the story from Felix's perspective. For example, the reader wouldn't know Felix's inner thoughts regarding the situation he's experiencing. The Plot Exposition: Felix Saint Stanislaus is introduced as a young, imginative boy. When he was little, his parents were having trouble with their jobs. Therefore, they put him in a Catholic orphanage with a friend of theirs watching after him. Nobody had ever known he was Jewish or that he had parents that would come back for him. Inciting Incident The era Felix was in was one of poverty. It was rare to find a complete piece of meat or even a
whole vegetable, like a
carrot. This is why he was
completely suprised to find
a whole carrot in his soup.
He thought his parents had
sent it to him, so this gave
him the idea to set out to find
them. Rising Action: Felix finds Zelda, a little girl who survived a fire. Her parents were killed but Zelda didn't find out until later on in the story. The two of them carry on and eventually come across hundreds of Jewish people walking with Nazis. The German Soldiers, Nazis force Felix and Zelda to walk with everyone else to Germany. Climax: Felix and Zelda arrive in the large German city with the Jewish people on one side and the Germans on the other. Felix and Zelda are about to be loaded onto the Nazi truck when a man saves them, named Barney. Barney introduces them to other children that he has rescued and allows them time to recover from their injuries. Falling Action: The Nazis force the Jewish people onto a train, supposedly taking them to the countryside. Although, Barney and Felix know they're being taken to one of the Death Camps. Some of the people on the train find a way out and escape. Most of the Jews don't want to jump off the train because they know the Nazis are on the roof with machine guns. Resolution: Felix, Zelda, and another child, Chaya, decide to jump off and take the risk. Chaya ends up being the only one killed. Zelda and Felix wait until the train passes and then creep out of the high grass, continuing on their journey to find Felix's parents. Setting The setting is in the countryside of Poland and Germany. The narrator uses vague words to describe the setting, so that you can paint a picture for yourself of what the setting looks like. Sometimes he is more descriptive then other times. The book takes place in the time of World War II in the 1940s. The Characters Felix (Main, Round, and Dynamic Character) is an imaginative young boy who loves to make up stories about his mom and dad. He uses his creative stories to get out of sticky situations. Zelda (Main, Round, and Dynamic Character) is a little girl whose parents died in a fire. Her catch phrase is "Don't you know anything?" and she loves listening to Felix's stories, although she likes to retell the stories in the way she wants them to end. Barney (Minor, Dynamic, and Static Character) is a Jewish man and a dentist. One of the things he does is rescue little children who are being taken by the Nazis. Mother Minka (Minor, Flat, and Dynamic Character) is a Catholic nun looking after Felix at the orphanage. She is a customer of Felix's Parents, and tries to protect Felix as best as she can. Dodek (Minor, Flat, and Dynamic Character) otherwise known as Dodie was Felix's best friend at the orphanage. Chaya (Minor, Flat, and Dynamic) is a kid Barney rescued. She ends up jumping off the train with Zelda and Felix, and loses her life in the process. Mood This story made me feel sympathetic toward the Jewish people that lost their lives during WWII. A lot of kids died and got things they didn't deserve. My connection to this story is that my Great Grandpa Jack served in World War II as a tail gunner. He was captured by the German Army and was a prisoner of war. He survived and was given the Purple Heart. Tone The author's purpose of writing this novel was to inform the reader about hte Holocaust and to show you how bad it was for life during that time. Theme I think the theme of this story is
to stay strong now matter what
may come your way. The End
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