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Copy of Procedures Prezi

Procedures in Mrs. H's GTT Class

Mawia Fields

on 12 September 2016

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Transcript of Copy of Procedures Prezi

Aim High!
I need help...
Learning Targets
Never ask, "Why do I have to learn this?" again!
I have to...
For all your "I have to..." needs, use your agenda.
Get permission forom your teacher to leave the class
Sign the clip board
Take the appropriate color pass
Grab pass and head out
Sign back in when you return
Quietly enter and leave the room
Bring to class...
Turn In Work
Don't Bring...
Returned Work...
Where are they posted?
Learn them, know them, love them...
Classroom Procedures
Mrs. Fields'
Gateway Classes at South Shore
Make sure you know the difference...
Get help before/after school or at lunch...
E-Mail: msfields@seattleschools.org
Phone: 206.252.7600
Send messages thru the LMS
Learning Targets tell us what we will be able to do when the lesson/unit are over. They also tell us why it is important.
This is the end of the Procedures Prezi...
Mrs. Fields
Bell Work/Do Nows...
Done at the bell...
ALWAYS Write in the Learning Target for the week at the top
Answer the questions
Go over it with your teacher
Teacher will grade on Friday
Turn in box is labeled... Can you find it?
Where do your assignments go?
During class you can raise your hand or come talk to Mrs. Fields for help.
Outside of class you can come before school, after school, or at lunch for help
You can also post a question on Schoology if you need help...
Clean Up
We always clean up the
WHOLE room at the end of
the period.
leaves until everything is picked up, put away, and spiffy again.
Be On Time!!!
1st Tardy = Warning
2nd Tardy = Warning
3rd Tardy = Detention with Teacher
4th Tardy or more = Office Referral
Pencils - To write with...
Daily Planner/Agenda - So you can write down our work
Positive Attitude
Distractions, like
MP3 Players
Make Up/Combs
Or anything else that could be a problem.
What if I'm absent?
"On time" is in the room ready to learn when the bell rings, NOT racing through the door.
Look around the room and find the weekly schedule...
After papers are graded they are handed back to you from the Returns box.
Progress Reports will be given every three weeks . Grades can be found on Power Schools or LMS.
You can also find the daily schedules in your agenda. Bring it to class every day...
When you are late you disrupt class and miss importnat information!
We always expect your best here at South Shore
This is the most glitter you'll ever see in my room so enjoy it! :)
We also use
We often turn in work on the computer.
All of our assignments, videos, worksheets, and directions are ALWAYS on the PLTW LMS or Schoology!
Work is also returned on Google Classroom!
Where are the papers from previous days?
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