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7.03 FLVS World History

No description

kaitlyn ennis

on 7 July 2014

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Transcript of 7.03 FLVS World History

Venn Diagram
Adolf Hitler
Joseph Stalin
Dictator of the soviet union
Dictator of Germany
Murdered millions and millions of people.
Both rose to power when their economies were low and their nation was vulnerable.
Signed a treaty to leave each other alone
Dishonored theirtreaty with Joseph
Honored the treaty with Hitler.
Had mustaches
Great speaker, had followers
People were scared of him
Shot himself when he was losing to avoid capture.
Died of a stroke after the war was long over.
Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin are very similar in how they rose to power. Both of these two dictators came to power when their country's economy was low andvulnerable. They both murdered millions and millions of people in cold blood. These were two of the worst dictators the word has seen. The difference between the was that Hitler was dictator of Germany and Stalin was dictator of the soviet union aka the USSR. These two leaders signed a treaty that they would leave each other alone in the beginning of world war 2 but Hitler didn't follow the treaty and invaded the soviet union. The Soviet was caught off guard but wasn't defeated.
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