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Traumatic Reinactment

No description

Dan Leibowitz

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of Traumatic Reinactment

Traumatic Triangle
What Happened To Us....???
Traumatic Reinactment
Traumatic Reinactment

Personal Level
Family Level
Job/Professional/Organizational Level
Global Level

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it..."
Reinactment Roles
Our Role In Reactments
We have our own histories, our “stuff” can sometimes intersect with their “stuff”
By being in their reenactment we experience it ourselves
We have to be very aware of our own visceral reactions because we can get pulled in unconsciously…
The Triangle In Action...
Curtis had a real bad night. He couldn't sleep because his parent's had company over, and he has to sleep on the couch. The cops also came and arrested his father during the night.

When Curtis got to Hopeworks, Rubin poked Curtis on the side. Curtis became very upset and began lashing out at Rubin. it was over the top, and got close to a physical confrontation.

Rubin later went to David and told him what happened. After hearing this, David felt compelled to have a sit down with Curtis and Rubin to discuss the situation and how they could have handled it differently.
How Does this Apply To You?

To Hopeworks?
Exposure To Adversity
Problematic decision making,

problem solving

Helpless About Solving Their Problems

Learned Helplessness

Conflict Increase

Impoverished Relationships

Abusive Use Of Power

Multiple Losses

Unresolved Grief
Foreshortened sense of future

Failure of Imagination
Feel Hopeless, Helpless

Demoralization Decline
• Feels powerless and inadequate

• Does not take responsibility for themselves or their own power and feelings

• Looks to the Rescuer to take care of them

• Can stay trapped as the victim, feeling that the Rescuer let them down
Needs Someone To Blame

Uses force, control, punishment and power

Denies his/her weaknesses the same way

Rescuers deny their needs
Does not take responsibility for themselves, takes responsibility for the Victim

Unaware of their own needs and feelings, so they

focus on the needs and feelings of others; they “rescue” someone else

Often feels taken advantage of, resentful, used and unappreciated
Looking At The Triangle, What Role Do You Play?
Role Play!!!
Active Listening
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