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Why My Little Pony Appeals to Guys

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ThatBronyVA13 and/or GoFund

on 22 March 2015

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Transcript of Why My Little Pony Appeals to Guys

What Are Bronies?

More Appeals
Even more appeals
Fan Content
Pop Culture references
A Brony is a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Who is outside its intended audence. It is a show started on the hub in 2010 by Lauren Faust. she had previously worked on shows like samuria jack, The Powerpuff Girls, Fosters home for imaginary friends, dexters labratory, Codename Kids Next Door, and others. Most of the fans had thought it was gonna be super girly before they watched it, but they were opened minded enough to try, even if it meant that people might make fun of them. they ended up loving it.
Some Bronies like to make great fan content, wether it be music, or stories, art, or fan animations. Every single character(even background characters, like Vinyl scratch, octavia, etc) have had fan content made about them.

Bronies also like the show because of it's plot and character development. It's not one of those shows where you can just tune in and have a good laugh, or just watch every once in a blue moon. The characters are very well designed, they have good points, and bad points (surprising from a "childrens" show, I know) this is a common theme with the show, children wouldn't even understand half of the LARGE AMOUNT of character development, from each of the very unique characters, with very likeable personalities. Most episodes include a catchy tune in them. the songs in the show were written by Daniel Ingram.

The morals: Preaches tolerance and friendship in ways that are useful to future fathers for relaying to their own children

The Jokes and easter eggs- stuff like the big lebowski, doctor who, i love lucy, pokemon, and other easter eggs(references) are thrown into each episode. there is usually atleast one or two pop culture references in the episodes.
The characters: Rainbow Dash, although a girl, embodies several things that men tend to enjoy: Intelligence, Speed, Courage, Loyalty, a will and ability to fight, and Physical fitness. And of course there is Derpy, who is always fun to see although she has very few lines in just one episode, but who makes several Cameo appearances; Pinkie Pie who always brings a smile; Applejack with her grim determination and honesty; Fluttershy with her cuteness; Twilight with her leadership capabilities and intelligence; and Doctor Whooves (primarily cameo appearances) with an obvious similarity to David Tennant's Doctor (from Doctor Who). The characters also change as the series progresses showing emotional growth and wisdom, which is rare in a childrens' series. the
characters aren't perfect. they have flaws, which episodes help them work on

By Jordan Haas
Why My Little Pony Appeals to Guys
The animation: people like it because of it's style, not necessarily the quality, even though I've seen my fair share of animation, and this is pretty good, the animation catches the eye, it's nice to look at, and is generally good.
doctor whooves
Fan Music
Bronies make Fan Music, whether it be Pop, Country, Acoustic, Electronic, Rap, Remixes based off songs on the show, And More. New Brony Songs are getting released almost everyday. There is A bit more than 9000 brony songs on YouTube, about 80% are Original Compositions, and the rest are Remixes or Parodies. (That is About 7200 Original Composition songs.) more and more is being made everyday. i bet if you listen to some of the Fan Music, you are bound to find some songs you like. i have alot of brony songs on my phone.( About 760 songs) There is tons of Brony songs in every single genre. there are a couple hundred music genres.
here is a pic of doctor whooves
in one of the episodes, he pulled up a 10(hasbro put that pop culture reference in there, because bronies say he is a pony portrayal of the 10th doctor who(david tennant) his cutie mark is of an hourglass( Cutie marks are often related to the personality, proclivity, or talent of the character.)
The Big Lebowski
i love lucy
these are the reasons why my little pony friendship is magic appeals to guys and has made a huge male fanbase, and why i am proud to be a brony. (if you want, you should check out the show. all the episodes are on youtube and dailymotion.com. season 4 recently ended, but season 5 is starting soon.) It is a great show, and the fanbase is great too. if you decide to give the show a shot, and like it, all i can say is
Lauren Faust(The Person Who Created the show) has stated in an interview that she didn't create the show, just for little girls. she said she "created the show for girls, and parents,including male parents. it only stands to reason that adult animation fans without children may like it too".
the invisible man
queen- bohemian raphsody
More Pop Culture references
Tom Cruise's movie Risky business reference
Grant wood's american gothic
jesus quintana(the big lebowski)
xerxes throne
Even More pop culture references
the guest character cheese sandwich (played
by parody songwriter Weird Al" Yankovic) is based on Weird Al's looks and personality
Thor Hammer Cutie mark (Mjolnir)
Reference to
1996 movie
not a pop culture reference but i dont think this scene would be in a show for little girls
Apples To The Core
History Of Bronies
On October 10th, 2010, the first episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic aired. This new generation of My Little Pony was truly a game changer. Lauren Faust, the creator of Friendship is Magic, wanted to steer clear of the poorly written and overly-girly style of previous My Little Pony shows. Known for her work on Powerpuff Girls and Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends, and others, she successfully changed the My Little Pony franchise from something that only little girls could watch, into something truly anyone can connect with and enjoy.

Shortly after airing, it's said by many that children's shows are no more than marketing ploys to get children to buy more toys. [The network that airs My Little Pony is co-owned by Hasbro after all.] No matter what Hasbro's intentions were, the production team behind Friendship is Magic made sure that the cartoon they were producing was indeed of high quality, and as a result, the show gained the popularity that it has today
Many users of 4Chan, a popular image board, latched onto the show. Users began to post thread after thread of endless pictures of ponies. At one point, pictures of ponies were even banned from the site due to abuse, and many people rose up against the show expressing deep hatred toward those who even mention something pony related. To this day, there are still many who think poorly of bronies. This is likely due to the fact that some bronies end up spamming pony related images and references where they are not wanted.
It was likely the anti-pony movement that made bronies what they are today. The more something is opposed, the higher the supporters must rise up, and rise up they did. Bronies soon began to create their own websites. After seeing so much opposition from 4Chan users, bronies moved on to create PonyChan, an image board just for My Little Pony related content. Not only did 4Chan later create a new board just for ponies, but many brony-created sites are around today ranging from Facebook alternatives such as Bronysquare to entire news networks such as Everfree Radio(now known as Canterlot Hill), and Equestria daily.

What is the show about?
The show is centered around six main characters, known to the fans as the "Mane Six." Each of these ponies have a very unique personality, as well as a magical element known as The Elements of Harmony. Together they are able to harness their powers to defeat evil villains and mythical beasts, be it through the sheer power of magic or through more conventional means. When they are not fighting monsters or going on epic quests, they live out their lives in a peaceful and quaint town called Ponyville. They have jobs, homes, friends, and hobbies. This balance of adventure and a friendly small-town feeling gives the show a whole lot of heart, as well as action and adventure.
The show heavily embraces the brony fandom, giving many shout-outs and references(shown on slides 11, 12, and 13 on this presentation); sometimes subtle and other times in plain view. Back in 2011 The Hub Network (Now Discovery Family) gave a direct shout-out to bronies by name; further proof that the show staff is aware of and embraces the fandom.(They Did a Parody of Cailifornia Gurls by Katy Perry) In 2013 a bunch of the voice actors of MLP and a bunch of famous Bronies Got together and Did A Parody of Beat It By Michaeol Jackson.(#TweetIt)
Rainbow Dash
Pinkie Pie
Twilight Sparkle
Sim Gretina Ft Jessi Nowack
(Aka Nowacking)
IAmSwagg Ft Rhyme Flow
Gabriel Brown(BlackGryphon)
If you have been on the internet alot, you have probably seen a Meme or two somewhere(funny image) about My Little Pony, and wondered why they were there. I'm going to explain this.
Adult Themes in the show
An Unexpected visit from Pinkie Pie(By BlackGryph0n)
I Am Octavia
Equestria Gurls
Some Bronies have wrote Fanfictions stories. There are Alot of My Little Pony Fanfictions.
Fallout: Equestria by Kkat is a fan novel spanning 608,000 words. it is longer than War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy (560,000 words). It has garnered an enormous mini-fandom of its own, as evidenced by the numerous side-stories and other derivative works it has inspired. As the title would suggest, the story is a crossover with Black Isle's (and later Bethesda's) Fallout series of video games. It follows the general plot structure of Fallout 3, with references and plot elements thrown in that allude to the other games in the series. It is the longest MLP fanfiction to date.
Background Pony is a work of fan fiction by shortskirtsandexplosions. It follows the life of Lyra Heartstrings, a unicorn under a curse which renders other ponies unable to remember her.
My Little Dashie is a fanfiction written by ROBCakeran53. Many People consider this story to be the saddest MLP story to date
In the story, Rainbow Dash is transported to the human world and transformed into a filly, leaving her without memories of her former life. A man without much joy in his life finds her and takes care of her for fifteen years.
These are considered the 3 best Stories
Derpy Hooves
My Little Dashie SFM
The People who made these memes, are Bronies.
there are also famous people who are bronies, like seth green(creator of robot chicken, and voice of chris griffin on family guy), Weird al yanchovic, Skrillex, Markus "Notch" Pearson(creator of minecraft), Gabe Newell(creator of Left 4 dead, half life 2 and others), Andrew W.K., Rupert Grint(Ron Weasely) and others.
When The Bass Drops
The writing: No two episodes are the same, they contain different morals in each one, and there is some decent action in it, and plenty of humor and, for lack of a better term, easter eggs throughout. The emotion shown also is very effectively portrayed in a way that is very attractive to mature audiences.
Some people who have wrote scripts for other shows, have also wrote scripts for this show. Dave Polsky wrote scripts for south park, and scary movie 2. scott sonneborn wrote for beavis and butthead, and celebrity deathmatch. Chris savino wrote for dexters labratory, fosters home for imaginary friends, and johnny test. cindy morrow wrote for The Powerpuff Girls, Dexter's Laboratory, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, and Chowder. Amy Keating Rodgers wrote for The Powerpuff Girls, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, The Fairly Oddparents, and Johnny Bravo, Merriwether Williams wrote for SpongeBob SquarePants, Camp Lazlo, and Adventure Time.
Taking Off
Bronies On The Track
(Parody of Like That
By The Black Eyed Peas)
Pinkie Pie Painting Done
by Daedric Pony on
This Rarity Painting was done by WhiteDiamondsLtd on deviantart
This Painting was done by Br0ny on DeviantArt. it is a painting of my favorite pony on the show, Applejack.
Fans of the show end up having a character they like(this is where Favorite Pony comes into Play, which usually ends up in debates about said pony)
NightMare Night SFM
Woodlore MLP
Dasha And The Living Tombstone
Good Girl
Shining Star
Discord Painting by Sandara On DeviantArt
There are about 12.4 million Bronies In the usa alone. 84% are straight guys, 5% are bi, and 5% are gay. 6% are girls. There are even some bronies in the military.
Rainbow Dash Painting done By BionicleGahlok on DeviantArt
Some Bronies like to make art. There is a lot of brony art on google images, from sites like deviantart. there is about 4.5 billion brony paintings/works of art online.
even Fred is a brony
In episode 25 of season 1 "Party Of One",
Pinkie Pie, goes insane(into Pinkimena Diane pie mode), and starts talking to herself, because her friends had forgotten about her party for her pet alligator Gummy. she then in the end realizes that her friends were planning her a party.
In season 2, episode 3 "Lesson Zero", Twilight (who has a minor case of ocd) goes crazy, because she hasn't done a letter to princess celestia that day, and couldn't show her that she learned something new about friendship.
In season 4, episode 17, "Somepony
To Watch Over Me". AppleJack comes
back to the farm to keep her sister AppleBloom
safe, because she's at home alone,
because the rest of her family is on business. she
doesnt want anything to happen to her. she goes partially crazy to keep her safe.
In season 1. episode 26. "the best night ever", Fluttershy cant get any animal to like her, and be her friend. she goes crazy.
In season 1, episode 16, "Sonic Rainboom" rainbow dash gets scared, because she didn't want to be in the best young flyer compition, over the fear that she wouldn't be able to do the sonic rainboom.
here's some math for you
Over One Billion Words of MLP Fanfiction
Daft Punk Rarity
this nightmare moon painting was done by slifertheskydragon
This King Sombra Panting
was done by Sandara
This Fluttershy Painting was done by Aeronjvl
This Scootaloo Painting was also done by Aeronjvl. This spike, twilight, and celestia painting was done by Ziom05
Bronies donate tons of money to charities. they are known as the most charitable fandom.
The Brony Thank You Fund started off as a way to thank the creators of the show for their hard work, but has evolved into a fullblown charity organization. it has brought in $38,761 in donations in 2012, during only 8 months of operations
The Fund donated $18,960 to the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation, including $7,000 in cash
The Fund currently has $10,928 in assets, more than 20% of the way to funding the CalArts scholarship.
In January 2014, 11-year-old Michael Morones became hospitalized after attempting suicide from being bullied by others at his school for being a fan of the show; the brony community reached out to the family and with several of the show's production and voice actors, started a charity drive to help pay for his medical bills and starting a non-profit organization to help combat bullying; the efforts raised over $48,000 within a week and more than $72,000 a month later
this one was done by kp-shadowsquirrel
Luna Jax
I Don't Complain
Be A Bolt (I'll Make A Man Out of You(From Mulan) Parody)
JoafTheLoaf + 13 Other Brony Musicians(Mega Collab)
Melody Beats (Ft FenPony, Buffalo Brony,
and The Grass Says Moo)
These Ponies (Parody of
Let's Get It Started
By The Black Eyed Peas)
What Went Wrong
(redone and remastered clean version)
Forest Rain
Great To Be Different
(Ft Decibelle)
Caine The DoomBringer
Beauty Of A Setting Sun
Rock, Metal, acoustic, etc
Beyond The Horizon
By Buffalo Brony
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