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EA Sport Powerpoint

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Jasmin Barrios

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of EA Sport Powerpoint

Company Success
The name of our company is EA Sports it stands for "Electronics Arts Sports". It's a video game company that produces any consoles that deals with sports.
Celebrities Promoting EA
-Soccer players do promote EA Sports video games.
-2014 FIFA they had Messi a Barcelona player be the cover of the video game.
EA Products
EA product started with video consoles back in the days. They were shaped in a rectangle and today's video game is shaped in a circle.
EA Sports FIFA 14

-Trip Hawkins is a director and writer, known for Tower Bloxx (2005)
- 3DO Founder (1991-2003)
Electronic Arts CEO (1982-91)
Electronic Arts Founder (1982)
Apple Director of Marketing (1978-82)
Member of the Board of 3DO (as Chairman)
Member of the Board of Electronic Arts (as Chairman, 1982-94)

-EA promotes the world cup.
- The video game includes the stadiums that will be used in this year world cup.
- One of the biggest games of the world cup is Mexico VS USA.
-Last world cup Championship team was Spain.
The Founder
-The company started in May 28,1982. The founder is Trip Hawkins.
- The company EA has been a leader in its fields since the company was founded.
EA on XBOX and PS3
-When you play FIFA either on a XBOX or PS3 you can play with other people from a different state, city or a country.
-Each console comes with a microphone that allows you to communicate with the other person you are playing with.
Price of the product
They are affordable but when a new FIFA game comes out their around $60 dollars new plus tax it would come up to $65.48
Brazil World Cup
1) Name one of the Stadiums that will be used in The Brazil World Cup 2014?

2) How many stadiums did they announce?

3) When was Brazil World Cup Video Game released ( month/day/year) ?
1)-Manaus Arena de Amazonia
- Natal Arena das Dunas
-Sao Paulo Arena de Itaquera
-Rio de Janeiro Marcana

2.) 4 Stadiums announced

3) April 17,2014
By: Jasmin Barrios and
Chris Venegas
Why we picked EA Sports
We picked this company because we are both fans of soccer and we wanted to learn about the World Cup. EA sports gave us that information to present to you.
EA upgrades every year their video games are unique and different every year. Their graphics change the players skills.
EA World Cup
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