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Recommendations for manga/anime

Arti Bhatia

on 29 April 2018

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Transcript of Manga

My Favorite Animes/Manga
More will be added in the future!
Naruto + Naruto Shippuden
By Kishimoto, Masashi
By Kubo Tite
By Takahashi, Rumiko
Shaman King
By Takei Hiroyuki
Mew mew power (Tokyo Mew Mew)
By Yoshida Reiko and Ikumi Mia
Hana to Akuma
By Oto Hisamu
Shinobi Life
By Konami, Shouko
Card Captor Sakura
By Ohkawa Ageha
Pandora Hearts
By Mochizuki, Jun
Vampire Knight
By Hino, Matsuri
Read Manga Now!!!
Get started now and become a Otaku!
Status: Sadly it's Complete
Status: Complete
Status: Complete
Status: Complete
Status: Complete
Status: Complete
Bride of the Water God
By Yoon, Mi-Kyung
Status: Complete
Status: Complete
Status: Complete
Status: Complete
Status: Confused
Suki Desu Suzuki- Kun
Status: Ongoing
By Ikeyamada, Go
Warning! Contains some mature content! Not for kids!
One Piece
By Oda, Eiichiro
Status: Ongoing
Dengeki Daisy
By Motomi Kyousuke
Status: Complete
Kaichou wa maid- sama
By Fujiwara Hiro
Status: Complete
Yu Gi Oh
By Takahashi, Kazuki
Status: Complete
Warning! May contain spoilers!
Prezi rulz!
Re-view: The story does spark an interest and feels unique
Story: It about the love between a boy and a girl and how the girl loses her memory
Re-view: It is awesome, you will love it if you like action and is very intriguing
Story: It is about a boy, Ichigo and how he realizes that he is a soul reaper
Re-view: Cool but I wish the ending was better
Story: About a boy, Yoh, how he can see spirits and is a shaman that wants to become shaman king
Re-view: It's really good, long and you'd want to read it more than once
Story: About a girl, Kagome and how she meets a half-demon, Inuyasha
Everyone has their own opinion.
Share yours!
Re-view: Sweet, magical and personally the last book is my favourite
Story: About a girl, Sakura and how she is a card captor that needs to collect clow cards
Re-view: Funny, romantic and enticing
Story: A school president, Misaki and how she hides her identity. She is acutally a cafe maid and only her lover, Takumi knows.
Re-view: One of my favourite series that ended too quickly and in a way that upseted me
Story: This is about a girl, Yuki Cross and how she guards the night class, a class that is full of vampires
Re-view: It is cool, based on some Egyptian theme and I love dark magician girl (yu gi oh game card)
story: This is the first yu gi oh series! It is a about a boy, Yugi and how he solves an Egyptian puzzle and discovers his interpersonality, an ancient Pharoah.
By Matsuri Hino (same person who wrote Vampire Knight)
Status: Complete
Re-view: The ending was so sad, it was short and beautiful like a flower (flower=Hana)
Story: How a demon finds a baby girl and decides to raise her. Despite the fact that she's human and he's a demon they fall in love.
Barajou no Kiss
By Shouoto, Aya
Status: Complete
Blue Exorcist
By Kazue Kato
status: Ongoing
Re-view: Really good,
cool, action packed
and spine chilling
excitment (makes blue flames awesome!)
Story: About a boy named Rin, he inherited his father's power and he is the son of Satan, so he is a demon. Although he is a demon he want to become an Exorcist.
Re-view: Sweet, cute, and
funny. It ended very well and is a satisfying read
Story: A girl, Airi and how she meet a prince, Aram from a kingdom called Astale and their love story
Re-view: Awesome, cool, interesting
and humourous
Re-view: Childish, alright, cute
but gets boring
Story: A girl named Zoey,who
got the powers of a cat one day,
her other animal powered friends,
her crush and how they all save the world.
By Hidekazu Himaruya
Not read - watched
Did not read- watched
Partially read- mostly watched
status: have no clue
Re-view: Funny, a bit
confusing, jokes,
historical in some
sort of way
Story: We have two
teams one is axis and the other is allies. All people are named after a country. Team Axis includes Germany, Japan and Italy. Team Allies consists of Russia, USA, China, England and France.
Re-view: Long, awesome, one of
my most favourites, adventure,
funny, action packed and a
fun read.
Story: Every Pirate sets to sea to obtain the one piece so they can become the king of pirates. Out of those pirates there is Monkey. d. Luffy and his dream is to become the king of pirates.
Re-view: A bit freaky, cool, sad story, enticing, you will be confused in what side to pick
Story: This is a story of
a boy, Oz and how he discovers the sin he has committed. He is accompanied by his owner, Alice and friend, Gil
Re-view: Funny, sweet, some action, a bit confusing, suprising
Story: This is about a rose
princess and her rose knights.
She has to pick one rose knight to be her love.
Story: This is about a boy named naruto and how he want to become the Hokage of his village
Re-view: Romantic, sweet, time
travel, action and cute

Story: About a boy from the past and he meets a girl in the present, their love story and how he is a runaway shinobi
Re-view: Realistic, funny, cute, suspense
Story: About a hacker, daisy and a
girl, Teru; have never met but she
continuously texts him after her brother's death
Re-view: Romantic, tragic, sad but nice
Story: About a girl and how she was sacrificed to become the bride of the water god so that her village could be free of drought
Pureblood Boyfriend
By Shouoto Aya
Status: Ongoing (if you look for raw chapters, it's finished)
Re-view: Inquisitive, bloodcurling
and intriguing, mythical
Story: A girl who injured her leg dies and becomes the slave of a pureblood vampire who is in search of stigma
Akatsuki no Yona
By Kusanagi Mizuho
Status: Ongoing
Re-view: Nice read, different, makes you think about the plot a little
Story: A princess named Yona saw her father get murdered by her cousin and escapes with her bodyguard. Now, she searches four warriors that will help her protect her friend Hak, and complete her journey.
By Kigawa Arata and Otonaka Sawaki
Status: Complete
Re-view: Unique, mysterious and appealing
Story: This is about a girl who keeps having a dream about a boy that is going to die. One day she meets the boy and decides to help him.
By Mashima Hiro
Status: Complete
Re-view: Hilarious, Magical, cool and awesome. It is so much fun to read.
Story: A girl named Lucy is a mage that wants to join the magical guild, Fairytail. She ends up meeting a cat named Happy and a boy, that can breathe fire, Natsu.
Momoyama Kyodai
By Fujitsuka Yuki
Hakushaku to Yousei
By Tani, Mizue and Ayuko
Status: Complete
Re-view: Somewhat funny, cute and a little weird
Story: This story is about two faternal twins that discover that they are actually not twins but cousins
Status: unknown
Re-view: Mysterious, different, sorta cool
Story: This story is about a man that acquaints a fairy doctor who can talk to mythical fairies
The Betrayal knows my name
By Odagiri Hotaru
Status: Ongoing
Re-view: Funny, a little awkward and adorable in clingy way
Story: A boy named Yuki discovers he is the "light of god" that needs to be protected in order to win a war with the demon necromancer, Regia
By Yamada Daisy
Status: Complete
Re-view: Thrilling romance, sad and heart-breaking in the protagonist's point of view
Story: A simple girl, with many wishes falls in love with a man that becomes her new sensei (teacher).
Soushokukei Ism
By Watanabe Nana
Status: Completed
Re-view: Thoughtful, an abnormal love story and adorable
Story: A girl, who's lost her way to school encounters a a strange boy. That boy turns out to be her school president...
Ouran High School Host Club
By Hatori, Bisco
Status: Complete
Re-view: Funny, enthusiastic and a nice read
Story: Haruhi is looking for a quiet place to study and walks into a room, meeting the host club. Now, Haruhi has to repay the host club for breaking their vase by joining the club.

Hibi Chouchou
By Morishita Suu
Status: Complete
Re-view: Sweet, Adorable and a slow - paced love story
Story: A cute girl noticed by every boy comes to like a boy that did not notice her on the first day of highschool
By Toboso, Yana
Status: Ongoing
Re-view: revolting, mysterious and funny
Story: A 12-13 year old boy, Ciel and his life with his black butler, Sebastian Michaels.
Nise no Chigiri
By Sakurai Shushushu and Kanshuu Idea Factory
Status: Complete
Re-view: mature, action, edo past setting
Story: A girl is sent to the past with a mission to protect a man that appeared in her dreams
By Minamori Koyomi
status: Complete
Re-view: Awing, sad and sweet
Story: A young girl falls in love with the boy she fell in love with in her past life. She stills carries the memories of her past life and the boy still longs for the girl she was in the past.
Usotsuki Wakusei
By Yoshizawa
Status: Unknown
Re-view: Futuristic, funny, unique
Story: A girl is put to sleep in a pod, she wakes up in the future to find robots and her home in ruins
Hiiro Ouji
BY Murasaki Midori
Status: Complete
Re-view: Funny
and adorable

Story: This is a story about a vampire and exorcist
Faster than a kiss
By Tanaka Meca
Status: Complete
Re-view: Sweet, romantic, adorable and awkward from the readers and heroine's point of view
Story: A 16 year old girl marries a 24 year old teacher and their married life with her little brother
Love so Life
By Kouchi Kaede
Status: Complete

Re-view: Sweet, Adorable, Awing...
Story: An orphan girl becomes the babysitter of a pair of twins. They become her family, which she grows to love
Kitchen Princess
Status: Complete
By Kobayashi Miyuki and Ando Natsum
Re-view: Cute, Sweet and Sad (nice simple read)
Story: A girl lost her parents. She jumped into a lake to attempt suicide but a boy saves and gives her flan. Now, the girl looks for the boy she calls "Flan Prince."
By Komi Naoshi
Status: Complete
Re-view: Funny, Cute and fustrating ( in instances like - "why did this happen?" "what was about to happen" " tell us who the girl he made a promise to is?" (spoiler)
Story: A boy and girl made promise to marry each other when they were five years old. Now, the boy waits for when he will meet that girl again but some problems arise...
Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle
By Clamp
Status: Complete
Re-view: An adaptation of Sakura Card Captor. Sad, Action, cool and funny.
Story: Princess Sakura loses her memory, which scatters around different worlds as feathers. Syaoran, her best friend/lover travels around different worlds with a magician, Fai and a ninja, Kurogane to regain her memory. He seeks help from a witch but in return he had to pay a price...
Crimson Empire
By Have no clue
Status: Ha
Re-view: Unique, royal and mysterious
Story: A girl becomes the guard and maid that assasins any one who wants to harm her master
Kurenai Ouji
By Kuwahara Souta
Status: Ongoing
Re-view: Cute version of devils, humans and angels theme. What is the secret behind "Kurenai?"
Story: A demon prince goes to earth, in order to complete a mission made just for him. His goal to achieve "Kurenai" to help him find the soul, who will become a threat to the demon society. He meets a human girl, who treats him differently than others do. She causes his "Kurenai" to activate...

RWBY - Anime series
By Monty and Team
Status: Ongoing
Manga series has begun!
Re-view: Wicked, action-packed, cool and awesome!!!
Story: A girl named Ruby wants to become a Huntress. Darkness and light have always been at war...
Here's one of it's videos.
Warning: Has violent content.
SLH - Stray Love Hearts
By Shouoto, Aya
Status: Complete
Re-view: Funny, mysterious, short, sweet
Story: Hiyoki has the power of a dream seer and is searching for the man who stole her heart on the night of her 16th birthday
Shiro Ari - Snow White and Alice
By Pepu
Status: Ongoing
Re-view: Funny, Bit sad for snow white and cute. Apparently, Alice and the Red King (Queen) are boys but that makes the story good :) I love Mirror!
Story: Snow White has been given a mission to make Alice King if she wants to return home.
Snow White is looking for the person who would genuinely smile from their heart. She has always been bullied for her white hair and red eyes.
Shinshi Doumei Cross
By Tanemura, Arina
Status: Complete
Re-view: Sweet and the ending is a bit odd
Story: A girl is in love with her president, who she had met in the past but is it really him?
I couldn't pick between the 2 :D
Last Game
By Amano Shinobu
Status: Complete
Re-view: Innocence, love story, naive, and the heroine is an adorable airhead
Story: A rich boy is beaten in grades and sports by a poor girl that transferred to his school. For 10 years she has been taking 1st place, since elementary school. Now, the boy has developed feelings for the girl...
Kamikami Kaeshi
By Tooyama Ema
Status: unknown
Re-view: a little funny, different, adorable
Story: A girl is keep hidden away from the world because there are gods resting in her hair. One day, a fire god escapes from her hair and helps her run away...
Zatch Bell
By Raiku, makoto
Status: Complete
Re-view: Funny, action packed and a bit sad. Also, an anime series.
Story: A boy named Kiyo is very smart but his life is boring and very depressing. Until his father sends him Zatch Bell, who completely changes his life and wants to become king of the Mamaodo.

Shingeki no Kyojin
By Isayama Hajime
Status: Ongoing
Re-view: Scary, addicting, gross if you don't like cannibalism or blood, kinda cool. My fav characters are Eran and Mikasa!
Story: Titian take over the city. Big giants that appeared over hundreds of years ago have appeared again. They devour humans when they don't really need to. They devour Eran's mom and he makes a vow to destroy all titans...
Fruit Basket
By Furuba (i think)
Status: Complete
Re-view: Good story, different and adorable (the main characters), sad
Story: A girl loses her mother {becomes an orphan} and starts living in a tent. She encounters people, who are cursed because they can turn into animals of the twelve zodiac, and begins to live with them.
By Toyota Yu
Status: Complete
Re-view: Intriguing, the hero is mysterious and I guess, straightforward
Story: I girl has to repay the one million debt her parents loaned by becoming the fake fiancee of a gangster head (a boy that belongs to a gangster family ('ojou,' I think)).
Status: Complete

Re-view: Sad, Hopeful, and suprising; reminds you how your actions or words can save someone
Story: A girl gets a letter from herself, ten years from her present. The letter tells her to save the new transfer student in her class because he won't be there in her future.
***Anime: complete
Kimi ni Todoke
By Shiina, Karuho
Status: Ongoing
Re-view: Sweet, Cute, an ordinary love story
Story: Sawako is very shy and has difficulty communicating with others. She wants to make friends and wants people to get to know her. Then, she meets Kazekuya and her life changes...
Durarara Drrr!
By Narita, Ryohgo (Story), Satorigi, Akiyo (Art)
Status: Complete
Note: There is probably, 2 series with the same name (manga)
Re-view: Intriguing, suprising and kind of freaky
Story: A headless body is looking for its head...
A boy enters a city to go to high school with his friend. He discovers an underworld organization called "dollars"...
Oh, My Romantic Kumiho
By Kim Yeong Mi
Status: unknown
Re-view: Funny, Sweet and the hero can be a bit possessive and freaky but he's nice
Story: A female storywriter finds out that her love, her dream guy, her boyfiend is a kumiho (super-natural fox/wolf) and he eats liver; her liver smells pretty good...
Okobore Hime to Entaku no Kishi
By Ishida Rinne and Akatsuki Kaori
Status: Not sure

Re-view: Interesting, I find the princess' personality to be unique and the story seems good
Story: The left-over princess has been told that she will become queen, she will have to pick a groom and the knights that will serve her but she carrys a secret...
Sugar Apple Fairy Tale
By Mikawa Miri and Yukimura Alto
Status: Complete
Re-view: Makes you wonder how the relationship between the sugar apple maker and the warrior fairy will develop. Otherwise, its a bit sad and shows how every should be treated as equals.
Story: A 15 year old girl has to take a dongerous path in order to get to a sugar making contest, so she hires a warrior fairy to protect her during her journey.
Soul Eater
Spin - off is called Soul Eater Not!
Have not read, only watched the series.
By Ookubo Atsushi
Status: Complete
Re-view: Funny, action packed and a bit feaky. My favourite characters: Death the kid, Black*Star and Soul.
Story: Meisters and weapons work together to collect souls that have been eaten by afreets. They collect souls of witches and people that turn to the power of fear and evil inside them (my interpretation of the story may be wrong, so give the series a read).
Kitsune no Yomeiri
By Takagi sato
Status: Not sure
Review: It is a typical adorable, funny and entertaining manga
A unlucky and negative boy cleans a temple, wishing for a normal life. After finishing his first day of high school he comes home to find his newly - wed fox bride...
Shinigamihime no Saikon
By Onogami Meiya and Fugiwara Ryou
Status: Complete (apparently there is a sequel)
Re-view: Cute, funny and the story is attractive. The main character is really weird but really adorable. Slightly nerve-wracking - I guess...
Story: A widow, known to be the "princess of death" was bought by a tyrant duke. Her first husband was murdered at the altar. Knowing this, the duke still decides to marry the cursed girl.
Shitsuji-sama no Okiniiri
By Izawa Rei
Status: Ongoing
Re-view: Sweet, I like how the main characters coordinate with each other and it is an appeasing manga.
Story: In Souseikan students from L class come from prestigious families and B class students are elite butlers in training. This story is about an ordinary - normal girl from a prestrigious family and her exclusive butler....
Special A
By Minami Maki
Status: Complete
I haven't read the series but I watched the anime.
Re-view: Jokes, adorable and heart warming.
Story: The special A class is a group of 7 students with the best grades. Hikari is always 2nd place and her rival Kei is always first... This is their love story.
Sword Art Online (SAO)
By Kawahara Reki and NAakamura Tamako

Status: Complete
Re-view: Cool, action - packed (kinda), fantasy, cute and a bit serious sometimes
Watch the anime series, it's awesome {seasons: 2} + a spin-off (gun gale online)
Story: A beta-tester faces a challenges as he an other video gamers get stuck in SAO. Read/ watch as he makes relationships and memories, while he trys to beat the video game in order to free the video gamers.
Sailor Moon
There's also the anime + new series "sailor moon crystal"
By Sukehiro Tomita
Status: Complete
Re-view: Funny, adorable, romance, anyone can like the series, but it seems like the target auidence is little girls.
Story: Sailor moon and her follow sailor scouts are given the task of finding the moon kingdom's lost princess and legendary silver crystal, protecting the world from evil.
Amnesia - Anime Series
By - Don't know
Status: Complete - total of 12 episodes + OVA
Re-view: Sparks curiosity, confusing (when understanding the story) and the ending is a bit frustrating. Well, I was disappointed how we couldn't see what guy she ended up with and what happened after she got her memories back. (spoiler)
Story: The heroine of the story has lost her memories, and she can't remember who she is or who the people around her are.
Beauty Pop
By Kiyoko Arai
Status: Complete
Re-view: Funny, admirable -how passionate the characters are about their goals, and cute.
I love it when Kiri-chan smiles!
Story: Kiri is a carefree girl that works a little magic on people's hair (she's a hairstylist). Narumi, a fellow beautician makes her his rival and the story begins...
Hana kimi
By Hisaya Nakajo
Status: Complete
Re-view: Jokes, a really good read and full of cute boys. The main character - Mizuki is my favourite, along with Nakatsu and Sano.
Story: Mizuki admires Izumi Sano for his high jump skills. She comes all the way from America to attend a boys' school - diguised as a boy, only to meet Sano. Watch as Mizuki's story unfolds as she attends Osaka high...
No Game No Life series
By I don't know
Status: Anime series is complete, maybe has ongoing light novels

Re-view: It's interesting how there's a whole world based on games - spoiler. I love the main characters but they can get weird sometimes.
Story: The battle for the king of games. A brother and sister are pulled into a game, where they are challenged to become the master of games and beat "god" at his (creator of the game world) own game.
Diabolik Lovers
By I don't know
Status: Ongoing - short anime series
For older teens
Re-view: For anyone who loves hot, blood - sucking vampires. Not satisfied with the end! It could have be better.
It pisses me off how the heroine kept telling the vampires "no" all the time; they are going to suck your blood no matter what you do, so get used to it! (spoiler)
Story: A girl is sent by a church to be a sacrificial bride for six vampires that she can't escape from!
Black Cat
By Kentaro Yabuki
Status: Complete
Re-view: Funny, action-packed and somewhat suspenseful. It will keep you entertained!
Story: The story of the sweeper, Train Heartnet (a.k.a. Black Cat) and his friends. He seeks vengeance from an old acquaintance for killing his best friend...
By Watari Wataru and Kazuki Rechi
Status: unknown (only watched anime)
*Seasons: 2
Review: Its interesting to see the experience of a person who detests society and can be so pessimistic.
Story: Hikigaya is told by his sensei to join the volunteers club and this is where he meets and interacts with new people through his volunteer/club work...
Also try watching the other yu gi oh series!
By Miyuki Mitsubachi
Status: Ongoing
Re-view: Naruse is really adorable, Shoujo manga, includes basketball theme
Story: Machida is a second year that is continuously bothered by the first year, Naruse. When he confesses his feelings she slowly starts to like him.
Kamisama Hajimemashita
By Suzuki Julietta
Status: Ongoing (if you look for the raw scans it's complete)
Re-view: About deities, sweet, funny. Tomoe's past is very mysterious.
Story: A girl name Nanami was kicked out of her house due to her father's debts. She meets a man named Mikage, who gives her his symbol as an Earth Deity. Now she lives in a shrine with her familiars, including a demon fox - Tomoe.
Skip Beat
By Yoshiki Nakamura
Status: Ongoing
Re-view: Funny, whimsical, and you will like it if you like showbiz or interested in acting
Story: Kyoko works 2 jobs a day, so she can rent an expensive apartment for her love, plus pop idol - Sho Fuwa (childhood friends). One day she overhears Sho saying that he only used Kyoko as a house-maid and never had feeling for her. Now, she vows to get revenge...
Status: Completed
Mini - series
By Kishimoto Masashi
Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage

Re-view: Awesome! Just so glad that Naruto's not over yet!
Story: A continuation of NARUTO! Now, Naruto is the hokage. The story includes Boruto, Naruto's son and Sanada, who is Sasuke's daughter (huge spoiler for Boruto series***).
Kurosaki-kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai
By Makino
Status: Ongoing
Recommeded for older teens
Review: Romance and Shoujo. The chemistry between the leads is nice.
Story: A girl has a crush on what everyone consider to be the "white pince". The "white prince" always hangs out with the "black demon". The cuts the "black demon's" hair and suddenly everyone starts calling him the "black prince"...
Kainushi wa Akuma
Seasons: 2 - #3 coming out later!!!
By Kaji Eiri
Status: Ongoing
Re-view: Fantasy and Romance. The main characters are really gorgeous (the hero and heroine)
Story: This is a story of a girl with red hair that looks like its on fire and green jade eyes. She is saved by a handsome demon with silver hair and purple eyes. This demon poses as a priest...
Manga called: Yahari Ore No Seishun Rabukome Wa Machigatte Iru. - Mougenroku
Ookami-Heika No Hanayome
By Kauta Mato
Re-view: Comedy and setting + plot takes place in old Japan/Edo period
Status: Ongoing
Story: A common girl is given the job to be a part time consort/ pretend wife of the "wolf" king. People fear the "wolf" king, but he behaves like a puppy with the part time consort. He claims that he is only acts cold so it is easier to run the kingdom...
Mizutama Honey Boy
By Ike Junko
Status: Ongoing
Re-view: School life and Romance. I like how the girl is like the strong manly type and the boy is more girly and soft in nature. Its like a switch in gender roles.
Story: The heroine thinks that she does not need to be dependent on anyone. She's the captin of the Kendo club at school. That is when she meets the hero, who is the total opposite of her. He likes to bake cookies, which the heroine likes to eat.
By : don't know
Status: Complete/ don't know
*there's season 1 and 2
*movie might come out + a third season on their past life pre- swim club
Re-view: Boys in SWIMSUITS! Theme is focused on swimming!
Story: The story of teammates, friends, rivals and a passion for swimming...
* Have only seen anime
(Complete in Japanese/Chinese version)
Uta no Prince Sama
By Yuu Kou (animationa series)
Status: Ongoing - there's a season 5!
Season1 - Uta no Prince sama
Season2- Uta no Prince sama Maji Love 2000%
Season3- Uta no Price Sama Love Revoltions
Re-view: You'll love it 'cause if u love music! Musical Background. A lot of cute boys!
Story: How the pop-star idols St*rish comes together to bring Haruka's music to people.
Status: There are mutlple series -complete
Seasons: 2
Has multiple manga series
Re-view: The anime has tons of actions. Cool effects with the magic intent. The storyline is very attractive. Keeps u wondering!
Story: Shiiro has been accused of murder and has to prove himself innocent by discovering his true self
Seraph of the End
By Takaya Kagami
Status: Ongoing and rocking*
Re-view: It's cool 'cause it's humans vs. vampires! Action and monsters + demons.
Story: Yu is a 16 year old boy that wants to get revenge on vampires for stealing what was precious to him...
Oresama Teacher
By Tsubaki Izumi
Status: Ongoing
Re-view: Funny, action and school life + a bit of romance
Story: Mafuyu wants to have a normal high school life. At her previous high school she was the banchou (gang leader). She wants to keep that side of herself a secret...
KamiGami no Asobi
By Tomoko Konparu and Tomoyuki Kawamura
Status: Anime - Complete
Re-view: Gods trying to learn about humans. A short series. One girl and many guys.
Story: Yui is taken to a school for gods for one year, in order to teach the gods about humans.
Akagami no Shirayukihime
Also known as, Snow White with the red hair
By Akizuki Sorata
Status: Ongoing
Re-view: Zen and the Shirayuki (the main duo) are super adorable, well their relationship is. Real funny and suprising at times. Obi's one of my fav characters.
Story: Shirayuki is real noticed for her apple-red hair. Her country's prince wants her to become his consort and she runs away into a forest. There she encounters Zen...
Shokugeki no Soma
* Check out fruit basket's another (sequel)
Anime Seasons: 4

* Manga is ongoing
* Still need to read...
*Check out the continuation :
Boruto series (Naruto's son)
*there's manga and anime series for Boruto
Gauken Babysitters
By Tokeino Hari
Keishicho Tokuhanka 007
By Eiri Kaji
Status: Ongoing
Re-view: *if you like
Love so Life
you'll like this series! So many cute kids. My fav has to be Kotaru and his brother, Ryuuichi!
Story: After Ryuuichi and Kotaru lose their parents in an accident an old woman who also lost her kids in the same accident adopts. Ryuuichi joins the babysitting club where he takes care of his brother and other kids...
Re-view: Mystery anD Romance! Love the main couple (pretty much the main characters).
Story: A girl with the powers to look into the recent past joins the police. She becomes partners with a cool - composed police officer; they develop a strong relationship throughout the series...
Nisekoi Doumei
Status: complete
By Sakai Aoi
Status: complete
Review: Cute, a bit pitiful, Chapters are quick
Story: Two people get closer after they are cheated on...
Prince of Stride: Alternative
By I don't know
Status: complete
Total of 12 episodes
*Anime series
Re-View: Kinda like FREE, but it's all about running. Strong Bond of friendship.
Story: Honan is a school known for it's stride club...
*Apparently - anime has 2 seasons!
*Seasons: 5
Tokyo Ghoul
By Sui Ishida
Re-view: Really good, addictive, a bit freaky but cool
Story: A boy becomes a ghoul after encountering a female ghoul, now he has to learn to adjust to his new life...
Sequel: Tokyo Ghoul: Re
* It is sooo good
*anime seasons for tokyo ghoul: 2
*currently running - anime for tokyo ghoul: re
Tsubaki-chou lonely planet
BY Yamamori Mika
Review: Cute, Shoujo, interesting main lead characters -- interesting to see how relationship will develop
Story: A girl's father lands into a big debt and she has to move into a writer's home to work as a caretaker
Takane to Hana
By Shiwasu Yuki
Review: Funny, cute, the main characters make a peculiar pair
Story: Hana has to sit in a marriage meeting her sister ditched. That is when she meets Takane...
Jigoku no Enra
By shimada chie
Review: Cute, unique, shoujo-type
Story: A girl has committed a sin she is unaware of. Enra, on a mission to collect sinners comes to take her to the underworld but...
Poco's Udon World
By don't know
Review : light novel series,
the kid is super cute, heartwarming anime
status: complete
status: complete
status: complete
Story: A young man comes back to the noodle shop his father once ran and meet poco - a tanaki
*also watch: the dark side of the dimensions
status: ongoing
status: ongoing
Kuroko no Basuke

By Fujimaki Tadatoshi
**Have seen most of anime
* Have not read manga
Status: Complete
- anime has 3 seasons + extras

Re-view: Awesome and addictive because it makes basketball look fun. My fav character is Kuroko!
Story: Kuroko is joins Seirin high, where he meets Kagami. They both are part of they basketball club that goes on to play in intense tournaments against other schools in Tokyo...
***Manga and Anime series: Card Captor Sakura - Clear Card Arc is ongoing!
***There's a Korean Drama on it: The Bride of Habaek (status complete)
*** Extra: Life so Happy
***Additional: Vampire Knight - Memories
By Furudate Haruichi
Manga - ongoing
Anime - 3 season - complete
Re-view: Thrilling, Funny and sometimes tense, sports - volleyball
*My fav character is Hinata
Story: Hinata and his highschool team play in volleyball tournaments, striving to be the best
Living with Matsunaga-san
By Iwashita Keiko
Status: Ongoing
Re-view: Pretty interesting, Young girl - older guy type of Shoujo
Story: A high-schooler moves into her uncle's share house filled with college students/adults
*Current: Yu gi oh! VRAINS
*The ending was a bit disappointing
*The anime and bloopers are super funny
Nanatsu no Taizai Manga
By Suzuki Nakaba
Status: Ongoing
Re-view: Action, Comedy, Some tragic moments
*You learn to find Melodias' character to be very interesting as you read more
Story: "The Seven Deadly Sins" are a group of knights that have disbanded and are wanted criminals. Princess Elizabeth meets Melodias - the leader of the group, when he saves her from a knight that tries to take her life.
*Anime series: ongoing
One Punch Man
By One and Yusuke Murata
Status: Ongoing

Re-view: Funny, Action - Anime is also entertaining - Saitama may be bald but you will love this character

Story: One man fails his job interview and ends up becoming a hero after vigorous training
Boruto: Naruto Next Gen
By Ukyo Kodachi and Mikio Ikemoto
Status: Ongoing

Review: havent read the anime, but its nice to see the Naruto characters that have grown up - well, Naurto's journey still seems to be better than his son's - raising my expectations of Baruto

Story: The story of Baruto and his friends, the son of the Hokage - Naurto
Mahutsukai no Yome
By Kore Yamazaki
Status: Ongoing

Other name:

Elias may look scary, but is actually very cute and sensitive. Chise's past is intriguing as it hasn't been fully revealed yet.
Story: Chise is bought may Elias, who is a mage or wizard that takes Chise as his apprentice.
Black Clover
By Yuki Tabata
Status: ongoing
Review: Asta is very inspirational and really motivates you to move forward with your goals. Personally, one of my favourite characters.
Story: Asta aspires to be the Magic King/Emperor, even though he has no magic power within him - within a society where those with the most highest magic powers hold the highest positions. Along, with Asta is his childhood friend and rival Yuno that also want to surpass Asta and be the Emperor.
*Now an anime!
- Season 4:
love legend star
Boku no Hero Academia
By Kohei Horikoshi
Alternative name: My Hero Academia
Status: Ongoing
*Anime - currently has 3 seasons
Review: Its so good! Esp. if you like superheroes and are a fan of the type of stories where the MC carries a goal to be recognized as a hero.
Story: Midoriya (Deku) is a quirkless boy, who is fan of superheroes and aspires to be a superhero himself. Although, he has no superpowers (quirk) like his other classmates do.
Wotaku ni koi wa muzukashii
By Fujita and Ichijinsha
alternative name: wotakoi - love
is hard for an otaku
Status: Ongoing
*Also has an anime!
Review: Funny, other otakus can relate (me too), cute at times
Story: Narumi is an otaku, who has trouble finding love. She bumps into Hirotaka at her new work place, who happens to be a fellow otaku and childhood friend...
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