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Operations Area

Incorporating the needs of the office into a new layout for the operations area.

Stan Czyzyk

on 11 March 2010

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Transcript of Operations Area

Randy will do one final redesign of the SAW this spring
Large Display for Briefings, etc...
General Weather
Fire Weather
Convective Weather
Possible Designs
Current SAW
Operational Needs
Supposed to be a lightning shape
Questions to be Answered
Projector or Large LCD?
If projector: Move Screen?
Place projector on ceiling mount?
Redesign Monitor Layout? SAW
DSS Workstation (AWIPS and PC)- where shall it be?
WES tied in with DSS?
How to improve audio (internal/external communications)?
Media Interview area with logos - where shall it be?
Warning Workstations - where should they be located? (for easy comms, SA, etc.)
Other Considerations (UCP's, NWR workstations, UpperAir PC)
Piecemeal Changes or Operations Redesign?
Better Display
55-58" LCD TV
New and improved Projector
Ceiling Mount or Table Mount?
Media Interview Area
Close to Operations
Doesn't Interfere With Operations
Logo Branding
DSS Workstation
Conduct Briefings with EM's, etc...
GotoMeeting Capability
AWIPS and PC accessibility
Improved Communications
Better Audio for GotoMeetings and Conference Calls
Easier to communicate internally, especially during significant events
Reasonably "quiet" area
Identify Solutions Today
Provide to Jerry
Utilize LOT process to implement
WES location can be difficult for Ops and Trainee/Trainer due noise, etc.
Should we move WES
Should it be located with DSS Workstation?
Warning Workstations
PC's will be upgraded prior to Monsoon Season
Is their current location sufficient for
communications, situational awareness, etc.?
Better utilization of workspace
Racks or shelves to provide
additional table space
Should we keep UCPs in current location?
Should we keep both CRS workstations
in their current location?
Should we remove the
Upper Air PC from Ops?
Enhanced Capabilities to View
Additional Displays on Projector/LCD
Where should new screen or TV be located?
Operations Redesign Options
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