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Katie Barach

on 9 September 2012

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Transcript of Pants

By: Katie Barach and Anna Hofferberth Pants The purpose of pants is to keep people's legs warm from the cold, and to hide undergarments. Also, they first gave men the freedom to move around easily. Purpose of Pants A man named George Bryan Brummell invented pants in 1812 to replace britches. Pants (or pantaloons) are like britches, but had foot straps to avoid creases by keeping them tight. Who Invented Pants, and when? Innovations jeans(skinny, bootcut,flare, etc.)
yoga pants
sweat pants
Dress Pants
etc Production Pants are a product you can buy or sell. This is known as production technology, or, Manufacturing technology. This is changing natural or artificial materials into usable products. Positive impacts on society Pants are popular because everyone wears them and they are considered a trend. We not only wear pants for warmth, but for comfort. People wear them because they are easy to put on. Pants keep you warm in the winter and shorts (an innovation for pants) keep you cool in the summer. Negative Impacts in Society Some negative impacts on society for pants are not how they are made, but how people wear them. Some people wear their pants to low so you see their underwear or wear their shorts to short. This isn't technically wrong but not what pants were made for. Science finding and discovering the right faderics to use Technology the sewing machines to sew the pants Engineering Sewing the pants together Math Finding the length, the width, the shape, and the size of the pants Pants Thanks For Watching! :)
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