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World Trade, World Travel

No description

Maarten Molhoek

on 21 November 2014

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Transcript of World Trade, World Travel

World Trade, World Travel
Travel Risk Management
Your employees are send abroad to work on international project(s). Please travel with us to the various destinations that symbolize the situations, and health risks, your company and its employees may encounter.

From our office in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, we offer services and solutions that decrease or even eliminate these risks as much as possible.

Click to start and continue the journey.

Your HQ, our starting point
Due to international expansion your company decides to open an office downtown Recife, Brasil. For the first two years five expats, and their families, will live there and set-up shop.

Because of their stay abroad these expats and their family members no longer have access to the Dutch health system. By including them in our Health Care Abroad program, they can visit our clinic during leave in the Netherlands.

This way we are a general practitioner for your employees with the world as its practice.
'New office in Recife, Brasil'
Your company installs and services equipment on offshore platforms all over the world. Therefore your service engineers must be ready to fly to any destination at all times.

Working offshore demands certain training and certification. As an experienced provider to the marine and offshore industry we can help you with the right papers and adequate medical support according to international standards.

'Maintenance on off-shore oil rig near the cost of Thailand'
Your employee(s) may visit suppliers all over the world.
An important part of our service is the medical check-up.

Based on this medical check-up, the destination of the employees' travel(s) and the kind of work the employee will doing abroad, we are able carefully assess the personal risk. This is the so called T(raveler)L(ocation)A(activity)-method.

A young and healthy frequent flyer who travels to Singapore needs a different approach compared to an older business traveler who travels to the outskirts of a small town in India

'Yearly visit to your India based supplier'
Your company trades goods with a foreign client. For that reason your international traders often visit this country, making them Frequent Flyers.

The more an employee travels the bigger the chance he or she may encounter health problems. In case of such an emergency you are depended on the local health care in for instance Bogota, Colombia.

Thanks to our knowledge of local health care and 24/7 emergency number we can help your employee find the best medical facility.

In case the employee ends up in a local hospital it is sometimes advised to bring him/her home. As medical experts we can help set up and manage the repatriation and consult where needed.
'International trade with Colombia'
Working on the other side of the world means working in different timezones. We therefore offer a 24/7 emergency service.

The expats and frequent flyers we work for travel to and live in all parts of the world. The main purpose for their stay abroad is to do their job, not to get sick and spend time looking for a good doctor in an unfamiliar country or city.

This is the reason why we medically check them before travel and offer adequate help in case they need assistance whilst abroad.
'Good morning, good afternoon and good evening: I feel sick'
Your company is a true multinational. For a project in Australia that requires specific skills, your company needs an employee with the right expertise. The South-African department is experienced in these type of projects and will therefore send one of its consultants to Australia.

With the HQ in the Netherlands, or somewhere else for that matter, it is sometimes hard to monitor where, which and when employees travel. Let alone, monitoring the possible travel risks they may face. By including these so called 'global nomads' into our Health Care Abroad program we can help you monitor and control the travel risks.
'Global nomads: South-African employee who travels to Australia'
Your company is granted a new project in Western Africa. The location of this project is at the least 'remote'.

The quality of local health care is unknown and may very well be insufficient. In such a case the Travel Clinic can perform a Medical Audit. We survey the local medical facilities and work out a health and medevac plan for your specific project.

If the local healthcare indeed turns out to be insufficient the Travel Clinic can set up a Site Clinic.
'Remote located project site in Western Africa'
Thank you for completing the journey. Please take in consideration that these are mere examples of situations. Continue on our website for more information about our services and how they could benefit your company.
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