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100% FREE

Be Free. Break Free. Live Free.

Glynis Dangel

on 11 September 2010

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Transcript of 100% FREE

100% FREE Anchor verse:
“ For freedom Christ set us free; so stand firm and do not submit again to the yoke of slavery” Gal. 5: 1
Living in the Fullness of Life (promise) - This means experiencing the life that we are meant to live as Christians, fuIl of joy, love, and freedom.
Breaking from Bondage (decision) - This means removing the chains of sin. This means living your life free from guilt, temptati0n, addiction, pretensions, masks, negativity, bad labels, and insecurities.
Advocating Life (conviction) - 100% free essentially means living a great life, and this is what we want everyone to know and fight for. 100% free means that every child of God should experience this as well. BE FREE.
LIVE FREE. 3 100% FREE principles Free to LIVE.
Conviction statements that support taking care of our own bodies and lives. It supports the principles that discourage substance abuse that will lead us not only to an unhealthy lifestyle but also to sin.

Zero Drugs – YFC says no to substance abuse.
Smoke Free – YFC says no to smoking.
0% alcohol - YFC believes that drinking alcohol is not a sin itself but as young as we are, our bodies may not be able to handle and control alcoholic content. YFC believes in practicing self-control and clean fun. YFC stands by the fact that we don’t have to drink alcholic beverages and get drunk, in order to experience fun. Free to BE.
Uphold being who we really are, both in name and in essence. This means living out our true selves and who we are made to be. It encourages living out the roles of a man and woman, in accordance to God’s plan.

Pure Inside and Out– YFC believes not only in the purity of our bodies perse but also purity at our very core. We believe in purity of thought, speech, and action.
100% man and woman – YFC believes that God has created specific roles for us as men and women. YFC believes that we are designed to be man and woman, in order to live with each other and work together for His purpose.
Free from pornography - YFC believes that our bodies are created sacred by God and should not be exploited for selfish pleasure. YFC believes that minds are powerful cultivators of our actions and thus should be free from lustful/malicious thoughts that are promoted in these materials. Free to LOVE.
upholding the genuine kind of love that the Lord has given us. This means loving the way that God has taught us, unconditional and unfailing.

Virgin and Proud – YFC believes that sex is a sacred gift given by God that is appropriate only after marriage. YFC believes that sex in essence is used for pro-creation. This also goes beyond technical and physical virginity, that only relies on its definition. Being virgin and proud means having dignity and integrity. It means loving yourself and experiencing the kind of love that is not just bound by physical intimacy.
Real Love Waits – Real love is defined as the genuine kind of love that comes as a GIFT from God. Like a gift, it should be made precious; taken cared off, and received in its proper time. YFC believes that special romantic relationships are examples of this kind of gift. Thus, we believe in the essence of waiting, as we prepare ourselves to receive this in His perfect time.
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