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Geography & Cities Aztecs

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janis mitchell

on 30 October 2014

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Transcript of Geography & Cities Aztecs

Haddy's Aztecs
True Info!
The Aztec's where located in the site of the modern Mexico city.
Located Where? Aztecs
Tenochtitlan was surrounded by volcano and mountains.
The mountain was called lztaccihuatl and the volcano was called popcatepetl.
Physical Features
The cities where not made of stone it was made of dry sand blocks. The houses where not too good because it was not well decorated. They had the somethings as the egyptians.
What Where The Cities Like?
Where is It Located?
The inca empire was located in South America. Their last stronghold was taken by the Spanish.
What Are The Physical Features?
They are Machu Picchu, Cusco, and the Sacred Valley of the Inca.
What Are The Cities Like?
The cities are very small because they are on the mountains. But it is like a Japan city.
Where Are They Located?
They are located in Mexico in the middle.
What Are The Physical Features
The physical features are the tombs and the cities.
What Are The Cities Like?
Main Crops
The main crops are corn and turup. They didn't have many plants.
What Meat Did They Eat?
They ate croppies,sometimes people if they didn't have food, and pig.
What Did They Do Special To Farm?
They had to farm in the water. They make logs with dirt and put seeds on them then they put it out in sea. It was really smart.
What Social Structures d
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