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Web series, assertive music, and African-American women producers

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Anahid Kassabian

on 3 October 2017

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Transcript of Web series, assertive music, and African-American women producers

Some Channels and Networks created by African-American Women
"You mean I can make a tv show?":
Web series, assertive music, and
African-American women producers

Defining Web Series ?
Standard genres--comedy, childrens, docu- mentary, drama, how-to, musical, mystery, scifi, teen/youth, and new genres arising all the time
Massively different economic backing
series that accompany broadcast TV projects, eg Dexter and Dexter Early Cuts
Well backed original web series, eg Web Therapy: http://www.sho.com/sho/web-therapy/season/1/episode/1#/index
"We can use my father's barn!" projects, eg
The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl, Chad Vader: Day Shift Manager,
and probably most series
New content providers, e.g. series produced and streamed by NetFlix
Little objects of digital media

Digital media objects such as

so-called casual games
smartphone apps, and
web series

that seem small and yet occupy large amounts
of time.
issa rae Productions
Color Creative
founded to support women and minority writers

Black&Sexy TV
(from whom BET has picked up
, and
Hello Cupid
); downloadable mixed tapes on Bandcamp;

inkSpot Entertainment:
Unwritten Rules
Ratchetpiece Theatre
: on tasteless and overly explicit music videos
The Choir
: story of an underfunded choir in a church facing real challenges.
Anahid Kassabian
Research Fellow
Institute for Musical Research
Royal Holloway, University of London

To see this Prezi again: http://bit.ly/1Vsy6qp
For our purposes today, web series:
Anahid Kassabian
February 2016
appear only on video uploading sites, eg YouTube;
are 2-20 minutes long, with rare exceptions; and
are fictional
I have also chosen to discuss series created by African- American women, because I think that, more often than many other series, their work shows real changes to the dominant Hollywood model of scoring.
Channels and Networks
Music in
issa rae Productions
Music in Black& Sexy TV productions
Network has a Bandcamp microsite with free downloadable mix tapes from their series

Series use independent, unsigned artists, and artists get screen time at the end of each episode
'Assertive' uses
of music and sounds
The record scratch:
Unwritten Rules
(s1e1) and
Black Actress
Some other web series to check out:

An African City (Ghana)
Broad City
Chad Vader, Day Shift Manager
Convos with my 2 year old
The Couple
Dexter Early Cuts
The Guild
Haunting of Sunshine Girl
Homestar Runner
Long Story Short
Lousine Shamamian:
Lesbian Matchmaker to the Straights
Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl
My Drunk Kitchen
PBS Idea Channel
Prank vs Prank
Prank U
Red v Blue

Smart Girls (Cambodia)
Web Therapy

John Green's
Pride and Prejudice
The Lizzie Bennet Diaries
The Lydia Bennet Diaries
Maria of the Lu
Collins and Collins
Pemberley Digital
Lizzie Bennet’s Tumblr,
Theme Music Only
In some cases, there is so little time that music simply doesn't make sense at all.
and many more...
"Necessity is the mother of invention" - need to bypass licensing costs brings creativity

New forms make new aesthetic choices come to the fore: brevity renders some traditional strategies pointless

Listening undergoes changes as these new forms evolve.
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