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Red wolfs are endangered species

Red wolfs have been endangered species since 1973 and 1980 the USFWS officially declared the red wolf extinct in the wild.

Jeton boletini

on 28 January 2011

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Transcript of Red wolfs are endangered species

Red wolf: Endangerded spieces In 1970 there were very few red wolfs left. They were in eastern U.S.A . The red wolfs diet consits of small mammals such as rabbits and rodents. They have also
been know to eat berries and even deer. They then go into hunting positon whitch is tail at spine level. Behavioral Adaptaions
Red wolfs travel in packs , and never hunt alone. The strategy they use is looking from affar to sort out the young, old and sick elk and then they attack. Structual adaptaions
Red wolfs stack logs on one another and dig a hole in the ground. Like all animals they need a place to be safe. It is also very imprtant for them to stay warmduring the winter so the are still able to hunt. Red wolfs have thick coats whitch they use for camofluage They have thick pads on thier feet, and that lets them maintain heat in thier body. http://www.thewildones.org/Animals/redWolf.html http://www.fws.gov/redwolf/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_Wolf The mexican wolf is very similar to the red wolf. They both have thick fur woth the same shade of red and grey. The mexican wolf is larger than the red wolf but they still share the same charecteristics. The scientific name for the mexican wolf is canis lupus baileyi. The gray wolf is very closely related to the mexican wolf, but also has a connection with the red wolf. Unlike the mexican wolf and the red wolf the gray wolf has a diffrent colur fur, but is still very fluffy and dense like most wolves. The scientific name for gray wolves is canis lupus. Red wolves are nocturnal in habitat and eat rodents, rabbits and white taled deer. They are some of the only wolves that dont attack humans. Red wolves and grey wolves are imporetd spieces to eastern North America. Red wolf niche

The red wolf is a top predator, it hunts for food and nothing hunts it. somtimes it may run into a bear or another larger animal , but animals see eachother as compition not food.

The red wolf is endangerd because people killed them for their fur.
At one point there was only 80 red wolves, but the the number has increased a little bit a year. If the red wolf is extinct animals like deer
and rabbits would have a huge population
boom. The red wolf diet mainly consists of
deer rabbits and small rodents, so it would be
very dangerous if the red wolf was extinct. The red wolf recovery program has
played a big role in increasing the
population of the red wolf. They
have interbreeded red wolves with
various coyotes.
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