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Apple Inc Project

how apple changed the world

Ethan Pemberton

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Apple Inc Project

the mac How Apple Changed the World Co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs was one of the most innovative and imaginative businessmen in the world.

From 2001 until his death 10 years later, Jobs reinvented Apple for the 21st Century making it an industry leader and one of the most valuable companies in the world. Steve Jobs & Apple Technology
Revolution Apple now influences the media generated by the devices it has made popular. In iTunes, its “Genius” software is used to suggest other music you may like to purchase based on your download history. They guide you to the music they want you to purchase or listen to, making you think that they are helping you, but really it is just very clever marketing by Apple. iTunes the No. 1 music retailer in the world, has sold over 10 billion songs. Music fans all over the world can download their favourite songs instantly, anywhere and at anytime which is very satisfying. It now includes popular TV shows and movies. 2010 The iPad – a Mac/iPhone hybrid was released promising to change how people carry information, and along with the iPhone, is becoming the primary entry ramps to the Internet for millions, usually via its apps.

A thin, light touch-screen device, the iPad has a virtual keyboard and high-quality graphics. Marketing Each new Apple unveiling usually brings lots of enthusiasm, with people crowded into such events or watched online, worldwide, to see a new iPhone or iPod device.

Apples award winning advertising campaigns over the years have helped fuel this enthusiasm, attracting more and more people to their products. The iPhone includes a digital camera, a digital compass, and allowed users to play electronic games over the Internet and read electronic books.

Apples ever evolving iPhone with its new voice-control function promised to change the way people use their phones again. Apple introduced a series of innovative and popular devices, embracing the idea of cool and different designs, along with award winning advertising campaigns. From youth listening to music, watching videos and using apps to access all kinds of their favourite information, to the leaders of countries using these devices to help them in their daily activities, everyone has been impacted in some way by this company named Apple.
In fact the President of the US, Barrack Obama, who has been using a Blackberry, has recently changed to an iPhone! Jan 2007 With huge fanfare the first “iPhone” was released which turned the cell phone market upside down and propelled Apple ahead of its smartphone rivals.

In addition to its ingenious design and multi-touch screen, Apple invented applications, or “apps” for the iphone which is now revolutionizing the way we find information on the internet and the way that we interact with others, and spend our time. 1998 iMac computer released, a different designed one-piece computer that offered high speed processing at a relatively low price.
Started a trend in high fashion computers being produced in bright colours making them more appealing to the public. Apr 2003 Just as the third generation iPod was released, Apple launched its online music store called “iTunes”.
Music industry execs are still amazed at how this piece of software that was originally designed to play music ended up basically changing an entire industry. Oct 2001 The face of the music industry was changed forever with the launch of a small palm sized device called the “iPod”.
Unlike other digital music players before, the fresh look and simplistic usability, with the unique Scroll Wheel, put iPod in a class of its own and again came in fun bright colours.
Suddenly people were listening to music a lot more than they use to and it became overwhelmingly the most popular MP3 player. Apple products have become so enmeshed in our culture and have made technology much more user friendly, enjoyable and rewarding for millions of people. As they evolved Apple marketed its products as part of an upscale lifestyle, or “iLife,” by highlighting designs, such as the iMac, that took up less space and looked more like modern art than machinery.

Today there are over 60 million Mac users around the world. This portable tablet is currently transforming the Publishing Industry, with many books, newspaper and magazine publications available via apps making them so easy to get for people at a few taps of the fingers. Technology!
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