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Yoga Marketing

A presentation designed to correspond with my Thesis paper on yoga marketing.

Nicole Holley

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of Yoga Marketing

Marketing Yoga: Common themes, problems, and tools of persuasion. Examples of ethos, logos, and pathos: Pathos Ethos Logos What yoga is, what it is not As defined by Merriam-Webster yoga is:
A Hindu theistic philosophy teaching
the suppression of all activity of body,
mind, and will in order that the self may realize its distinction from them and attain liberation. What yoga is, what it is not Not a cult where people worship strange deities: What yoga is, what it is not Although poses are part of it, it is not meant for people to twist themselves into a pretzel... Market analysis and prior research: From Yoga Journal 2008 Market Analysis: Over 15 billion people practice yoga in US (most are women),
18 million say they are interested in beginning a practice.
From IBIS World: 7 billion dollars in revenue, employs approx 109,00 ppl * No companies
with a dominant market share!

Spirituality in Advertising:
A New Theoretical Approach
Galit Marmor-Lavie, Patricia A. Stout, and Wei-Na Lee

Use of Social Media in Health Promotion : Purposes, Key Performance Indicators, and Evaluation Metrics
Brad L. Neiger, Rosemary Thackeray, Sarah A. Van Wagenen, Carl L. Hanson, Joshua H. West, Michael D. Barnes and Michael C. Fagen

Marketing for Public Health: We Need an App for That
Marla B. Royne and Marian Levy

Lessons for public health campaigns from
analysing commercial food marketing success
factors: a case study
Jessica Aschemann-Witzel, Federico JA Perez-Cueto, Barbara Niedzwiedzka, Wim Verbeke and
Tino Bech-Larsen My solutions: A little on Aristotle's Rhetoric Logos: An appeal to logic through deductive and inductive reasoning.

Ethos: A person's credibility helps persuade the audience.

Pathos: An emotional appeal to someone's sensibility. Education about what yoga is and is not.

Social Marketing techniques.

Combination of ethos, logos, pathos in a certain manner.

Target markets

Use all in conjunction and market ethically.
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