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No description

Sarah Liter

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of SMR

Snow Mountain Ranch The trip in review Day 1: Rough beginnings First family there?
The Liddles Five minute later: Emily and Hannah.... arrive Volley ball, hide and seek until
someone else shows up Charlie in the trashcan:
Mark aty b-ball
Charlie hop in trashcan
We watch
Riley with us
Tyler downstairs More arrive, eat dinner, hang out Fights and wars begin! Older boys (with Charlie) take over room Younger girls revolt The perfume incident The fight between siblings, mostly the Gosch's Started in unused room continues in kid area kiDS calm down mostly. Wars end Coolios stay up late, talk, hang around Lamos= bedtime Day 2: All fun and games Wake up to poker... Jake wins when T bets all in Tubing, always a must Do a little vball,bball, and roller skating in the gym with the older kids later on Before we know it, we're back
to hanging at the cabin Pepsi pong was added in
during our nights schedule Charlie was great, I was okay
but he beat me Conflicts of the night: Sixthies vs. Fifthies and Hannah mad at Emily Sixthies= drama and prank calls Fifthies= Fun and the laugh test Fifthies rule the night, in my mind Say goodnight, most kids go to sleep early Wake up, Mark already gone for bball game
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