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The Cost of Factory Farming

A brief portrayal of the environmental consequences, health risks, cruelty and perversion of an overwhelming majority of current agricultural system.

Austin Hayden

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of The Cost of Factory Farming

The Costs of Factory Farming by Austin Hayden What is factory farming? Environmental Consequences According to Jonathan Safran Foer in his book, "Eating Animals,"
factory farming is the number one cause of global warming
more than 40% more destructive than all transportation
number one cause of air pollution, water pollution, for loss of biodiversity
deforestation for animal feed production
Health Risks antibiotic resistant virus
mad cow
avian flu
e-coli Business consolidation of control
small farmer mistreatment
illegal workers

- in a survey I conducted
among 25 Ball State
students, ZERO knew from
which state his/her last
hamburger came. Take Action become informed
buy local meat and vegetables
Factory Farming hidden costs environmental consequences health risks economic irresponsibilty is it worth it? According to the World Health Organization,
factory farming is to blame for:
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