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Webinar - Heritage Brand for Schools - Long Version (2012)

No description

Mark Maslowski

on 20 January 2015

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Transcript of Webinar - Heritage Brand for Schools - Long Version (2012)

Expanding Outreach and Building Your Heritage Brand with Eloquent Archives Get up and running fast Engage your audience Bonuses Google Maps Google Analytics Try it free! Module to analyze where your audience is, what they're looking at Take advantage of our free 30 day trial Members module Registered members can tag photographs and leave comments on descriptions. Instant gratification Provide search suggestions and saved searches
Mark new materials
Search for yearbooks and photos easily by date Social media Every description has a set of buttons for users to share over Facebook, Twitter, and more. Customization Tailor welcome page
Place links and search boxes on your website Easy to use web forms Accessioning, workflow and more Functionality includes accessioning, name and subject authorities, and tracking physical holdings Import options Adhere to professional descriptive standards
Spreadsheet forms for batch entry Legacy data migration
Any format (ASCII/CSV, XML/EAD, Excel, etc.) Provide a second public access point through maps linked to your authorities Search box Website Catalogue Tag Comment ISAD(G) entry form Eloquent Spreadsheet Maria Robinson, MAS
Eloquent Systems Inc.
604-980-8358 / 100
800-663-8172 / 100
info@eloquent-systems.com Contact us! Let's see a live demo
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