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No description

Viren Shetty

on 7 July 2013

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Transcript of MobForest

Competitive Advantages
Our Product

Together a better Singapore, by the people of Singapore
Singapore’s first crowdsourcing platform for business and social problems
Interfacing service for solution seekers (organisations) and eager problem solvers (consumers)
Organisations approach Mobforest to advertise their problem and bring in solutions
Problem solvers will be able to sign up on our website and create their own unique profiles which will be integrated with Facebook, after which they will be granted full access to these challenges

Our Organisation (Goals/Objectives)

To have a healthy and successful company that is the leader in information crowdsourcing in South-East Asia
To have a gross economic activity of SGD S$10,000 worth of challenges within 6 months of operations
To have created a community of 1,000 members within 6 months of operations
To have worked with 100 different schools and organizations within 1 year of operations

Services Overview

For Problem Solvers
Multiple rewards from prize money to internships
Serves as a knowledge database as individual challenge postings introduce consumers to real world problems
Recognition via Badges, levels and rankings
Aim to use our website in the long run as a platform that can be featured on consumer's portfolios

For Organisations
Via public centric problem solving, organisations will have access to a variety of creative solutions to their business or social problems
Hosting their challenges on our website brings promotion to their campaign or organisation itself

No necessity for specialised knowledge
Few formalisation requirements and low barriers for user registration
Strong roots in educational system through school tie in programmes
Monetary prize of two classes
a) Main prize decided by the organisation
b) Community prize decided by consumer voting

Revenue Model

30% commission on the reward/s to the winner/s.
As time passes and MobForest builds its reputation, we will increase our commission to better suit our opportunity costs
Organisations will be able to pay a premium to be under the "Recommended Challenges category"
Revenue Model ( Long Term)

Charge fees for workshops conducted by professionals regarding various challenges our website hosts which will be possible once we have developed our brand name
We will be able to charge a premium to help organisations produce the relevant material needed for the challenge
Targeted Customer Groups

Ages of 15 to 24 (Secondary 3 to University)
Any Gender
Preferably in local universities
Any income level, although expect students of a higher income or social class to have the time and resources.
Attracted to such a project due to academic and financial incentives

Problem Solvers
Young Professionals
Ages of 25-30
Any Gender
Some awareness of business/social issues
Attracted to such a project due to passion for the topic

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s typically dealing with pressing social issues)
Local Small - Medium Enterprises (SME’s tend to have enough resources to start small-scale competitions but lack the resources to have an aggressive promotional campaign)
Large international organizations (Multinational Corporations may be looking for cheap marketing information regarding local tastes and preferences or may be willing to host their own challenges but tie in with our web platform

Marketing Strategy

General school approach
Course/Faculty approach

School Tie - Ins
Social media and web promotion

Print Promotion
Magazine/ Interviews
Company sponsored campaigns
Radio ads
Notification mail list to organizations when a question sponsored by another organization in a similar industry appears

Organization Structure

Viren Shetty - Team Manager
Chia Jeng Yang - Team Manager
Shrijit Kundu - Project Manager
Joel Ng - Project Manager
Matthew Soh - Project Manager
Matthew L:ee - Design Manager
Jishnu Mohan - Technical Manager
Thank You !
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