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CHI @ Council Baltic Sea States -Stockholm March 2015-

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Child Helpline International

on 12 March 2015

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Transcript of CHI @ Council Baltic Sea States -Stockholm March 2015-

Standardised European number

What is a child helpline?
Child helplines' data in the Baltic Sea States
Free our voices
Data from: Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Russia, Poland, Germany, Norway & Belarus
Wednesday, March 11, 2015
Freddy Austli, Head of Programmes -CHI
Child Helpline
Child Helpline International Foundation (CHI) is the global network of 192 organisations in 145 countries (November 2014), which together receive over
14 million contacts a year from children and young people in need of care and protection.

CHI supports the creation and strengthening of national toll-free child helplines worldwide, and uses child helpline data and knowledge to highlight gaps in child protection systems and advocate for the rights of children.
Calls in the Baltic Region
Child helplines: promoting policy coherence implementation
into practice

2002-2013 data: 5.105.960 contacts responded to

On average, during the period 2002-2013 children and youth in these countries contact child helplines on:
Family relationships (13%)
Peer relationships (26%)
Psycho-social mental health (19%)
Sexuality and sexual awareness (17%)
Country variations

Peer relationships: Poland, Germany, Lithuania, Denmark
Psycho-Social: Sweden, Russia
Sexuality and sexual awareness: Norway, Finland, Estonia

Topics children are calling about are relatively constant

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