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Anisa Majuta

on 12 April 2017

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Transcript of Grasslands:

Our ecosystem is the Grasslands. They do not receive enough rainfall to grow trees like a forest but they contain lots of grass and they receive more rain than a desert. The grasslands have some animals, but not a lot and this ecosystem has lots of grass, herbs and flowers, etc.
There are some grasslands in the middle of North America. Mainly in Asia and Europe, and all throughout Australia. There are some grasslands in Africa. The only place that doesn't have grasslands is Antarctica.
What makes your ecosystem unique?
About one quarter of the earth is covered by grasslands. Grasslands are large areas with lots of grass and flowers. In this ecosystem, trees have a very hard time because the soil is often too dry.
Thank you!
10 facts about the Grasslands
1. Savannas,prairies, and pampas are grasslands
2. 25% of the world is grassland
3. Grasslands are the mix between a desert and a forest
4. The weather can be as hot as 100+ degrees and as cold as -40
5. Grassland have a barley any trees
6. The two main seasons are: a growing and a dormant
7. In temperate grasslands it rains 25-60 inches. every year
8. In North America buffalo grass, sunflower, and crazy weed
9. It's so dry the grass sometimes lights on fire
10. It's most likely to storm on dry nights

Created by Logan & Anisa
What factors in your ecosystem are biotic and abiotic?
Some biotic factors are bison, pronghorn, gophers, coyotes and etc. Climate is a harsh abiotic because of rainfall, temperature, wind and ground moisture, etc. Grass is biotic, so is moss and trees.
What is your ecosystem?
Where is it located on the planet?

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