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Ysrael Short Story Presentation

No description

Isabela Villarreal

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of Ysrael Short Story Presentation

Setting •Occurs in Ocoa, Dominican Republic
•Mom lives in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
•Dad lives in New York
•Time - between 1980 and early 1990s
•During the summertime Biography of Junot Díaz Historical and Political Context late 1980s
Lower Class went to:
cities for work (Santo Domingo)
immigrated to America.
Majority of people struggled to make ends meat. Character List Narrator:
Name unknown
9 years old
Rafa: The narrator’s older brother
rude and disrespectful, poor role model
deformed -> pig mauled face.
picked on, and outsider
Tío and Tía:
The brother’s aunt and uncle with whom they stay in the summer Spanish Vocabulary Tío/ Tía- Uncle or Aunt
Hermanito- Little Brother
Colmado- General Store
Campo- country/rural area
Campesino- Poor Farmer by Junot Díaz Y S R A E L •From Dominican Republic - Born 1968
•Father worked in the US
•Lived in the US
•Moved to NJ at age 6/7
•Four siblings
•During college at Rutgers University
- started writing stories
•Attended graduate school at Cornell
•Drown- short story collection- 1996
•2007- The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao
•Currently works at M.I.T. in Boston San José
de Ocoa Cobrador- Collector
Muda- Mute
Jaivas and Jurones- Types of crawdad or crab
El Cuco and La Vieja Calusa- Malevolent mythical figures, similar to “Boogeyman” Slang Chinga- A swear word that in English rhymes with “Duck”, refers to sex
Tigueres- thugs
Chocha and Pinga- Slang for penis
Toto- Slang for vagina
Pato- slang for gay, literally means duck
Pendejo- slang, similar to idiot or moron presented by:
Kaitlynn, Isabela, Iman, Becca,
Sara, Noelle, and Caitie Conflict Political Context Trujillo dictatorship- 1930 - 1961
Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD) takes control through early 80's- freedom and relative human rights Historical Context •External Conflict:
Tension and arguments between the narrator and his older brother Rafa.
narrator and person on bus
The conflict between Rafa and the cobrador on the bus.
The conflict between Ysrael and the other boys of the campo
The biggest conflict is at the climax of the story when Rafa hits Ysrael
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