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The Big Question: How was the Universe created?

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on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of The Big Question: How was the Universe created?

Big Question Project by Aesha Sarker How Was the Universe created? Why did I choose this question? Why did I choose this question? I chose his question, because always when I look into the stars, and I see how big the sky is, I wonder how ALL of that was created. So what made our big Universe full of millions of questions to ask??? o c u i n C n l s o That was the end of my presentation, I hope You liked it! Any Questions? Why did I choose this question? small explanation... The Big Bang Today, the most accepted theory is the big bang theory. Here is a Today the Universe is expanding. This means that long ago, the Universe would have been microscopic. Today, The Universe is cooling. This means that long ago, the Universe was very hot, and dense. About 13.7 billion years ago, the universe inflated, and matter was made. Many years later, things like stars, asteroids, and planets were born. I have a little question... WHAT CAUSED THE BIG BANG? Not Understanding yet??? Watch this to get a better idea. (I guess Stephen Hawking is better at explaining things... Imagine that this balloon is the Universe, and the dots are stars or galaxies. Do you see what's happening? Yes, that's right, the galaxies are moving away from each other. Thats exactly what is happening now. as you can see, the universe can dicide to either expand (inflate) stop (tie a knot) or...Decrease! BUT, the question is..... WHO OR WHAT IS CONTROLLING THE UNIVERSE? Have a look at this video. M H p t e i y y o h s s Now that you understand what the BIG BANG is, (oT-T)尸 That's right, the stars/galaxies are moving away from each other because it is expanding. The Universe has three options. Either it will expand (inflate) like it is doing now, it will just stop (tie a knot), or decrease. The question I have is, WHO OR WHAT IS CONTROLLING THE UNIVERSE??? Balloon Experiment When I was little I started wondering how everything is made. Planets, stars, asteroids, or smaller things like atoms and particles, basically all the things that exist in the Universe. As I grew up, I learned more and more about all those things in the Universe. So what created all that from the beginning? When I had to choose my BIG Question, I chose the BIG Question that I had all the time. Early beliefs Greek Creation Egyptian Creation The Bible story Hindu Creation Mesopotamian Creation How do you think the Universe was created? 16/19 students said: 2/19 student said: 2/19 students said: Survey I did a survey with my class, Group 7a Lions Vialant(19 students). Here are the results. String Theory BIG BANG GOD I DON'T KNOW How did the big bang get it's name? "In the beginning there was only chaos. Then out of the void appeared Erebus, the unknown place of death. the rest was silent, endless darkness. Then somehow Love was born. From Love came Light and Day. After light and day, Gaea, the earth appeared. In the beginning there was only a chaos of bubbling water, the Egyptians called it Nu or Nun. Then the sun god Ra came out of the chaos, he came out of a giant lotus flower that appeared on the surface of the water. He gave light to the Universe. The earliest theory we know was from the Mesopotamians, (about 4000 b.c.) who believed the universe was the center of the earth and other heavenly bodies moved around the earth. First there was a void of nothingness..water filled the nothingness. a huge cobra lived in that water with Lord Vishnu sleeping on it safely. slowly, a sound started which drove the nothingness away and filled the emptiness. Lord Vishnu woke up, and a giant lotus flower grew from his navel. In the middle of the flower, sat Brahma. Brahma created the heavens, sky Earth, and life on earth. First, god created the heaven and the Earth. Since it was so dark, god said " let there be light", and there was light, he called it day, and the darkness night. Then god decided to create bodies of water, and above them the sky. He let dry ground appear and called it land. He called the waters the sea. Then he created life. Reasons why it might be wrong After all the research that I have done, I think that the answer is still the big bang, but again, we will never know the answer to this BIG question, unless we invent some kind of time travel device, but for now my BIG question will stay as an unsolved BIG question for a long time. Reasons for why the BIG BANG might have happened Why I chose this question ) Edwin Hubble saw that the Universe was expanding, which means that our Universe had a beginning.
The Universe is cooling which means it was hotter in the beginning, like in the BIG BANG.
There are not a lot of reasons why it could have not happened. There is still a lot to find out about the Universe, so with so less knowledge there cant be a conclusion yet. Big bang theory got it's name from astronomer Fred Hoyle. He was being sarcastic with the name and making fun of the theory, since he thought steady-state theory was more likely. He called the theory the BIG BANG theory. the people thought it was a good, catchy name. I think the answer to my Big Question is the big bang, because it is reasonable and there are not a lot of things to disprove the theory. This is a model of the Big Bang Itself. The String theory explains that there are multiple universes. Universes can either collide to create one Universe, or one Universe can split to create two Universes. When Universes collide or split, it creates a big bang. This could explain what caused the Big Bang. While researching, I came across another theory called 'String Theory'. This is a video of Michio Kaku explaining String Theory. In my opinion, Big Bang theory is right, but you could actually combine the String Theory with the Big Bang.
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