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The Helix Bridge

really awesome bridge MUST SEE

Sani R

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of The Helix Bridge

The Helix bridge BY:SANI First of all information:the building info The weight,height, and length of
The Helix bridge. How much it coasted to
build. Fun Facts!! Quick words building materials
and the type of bridge -The Helix bridge was built on 24 April,
2010 LENGTH: the length is 280 metres.
WEIGHT: it weighs 1700 tonnes!
HEIGHT: the height is 8.8 meters. The payment of the Helix bridge to
build was $82,900,00!!! (Singaporian dollars) I WILL ASK QUESTIONS STAY READY 1:The Helix bridge is a pedestrian
bridge which is like the second or first of
it's kind.
2:It is made of steel( By the wayHard to compress!) and a lot of glass. Yet, NO ONE knows how many tiles it has except for the architects! -It was built in Singapore,Marina Bay. -It was built by Australian architects named the COX group.The leader of this group was Arup -The reason it was built was so the visitors who walked over it can get a chance to see the lake under it. Also to get across to other roads etc
you know what I mean. Famous events UP:Inside the Helix bridge As an important event for the world and Singapore, The Helix Bridge won the "Worlds best Transport building" award in the world architectural festival in 2010. The bridge also won the safety and excellence award by the BCA(building construction authority) in 2011 Go Helix bridge!! Since the bridge was built in 2010,
obviously,you know it's standing EVEN THOUGH IT IS BEAUTIFUL,
No, the bridge is not really a tourist attraction though the villagers like to see the lake under the bridge but once again,no, it is not really a tourist attraction. By the way, no structures are such copycats
of this bridge. Is'nt it unique?? Plus, there were no errors
when building!! Did you know the Helix bridge GLOWS
at night? When it glows, the letters
C,G,A and T glow in green and red to represent Cytosine,Guanine,Adenine and thymine; the 4 bases of DNA!* I did not find any pictures of that sorry Also, did you know authorities
said that this bridge is the worlds first architectural bridge design?! Photos of The Helix bridge OK now for
the questions ok! QUESTIONS What is the name of this bridge?
What was the leaders name of the architects?
THIS goes to Mr.Wilston: what is the LENGTH of this bride?
How much money did it cost to build?
which money did they have to use:Singaporian money or American money? Thanks for listening I hope you enjoyed it!
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