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Measuring Definitions

No description

McKenzie Tisdale

on 12 August 2013

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Transcript of Measuring Definitions

Measuring Definitions
Measuring Definitions
1. Customary System- The standard system of measurement used in the United States
2. Metric system - The system of measurement used in most of the world
3. Volume- The amount of space taken up by an ingredient
4. Equivalent- The same amount expressed in a different way using a different unit of measure
A. Liquid Ingredients
1. Use a clear, liquid measuring cup
2. Pour to correct line
3. Check at eye level
B. Most dry ingredients
1. Use a dry measuring cup
2. Spoon ingredient into cup
3. Level off with a straight edge
C. Brown Sugar
1. Use a dry measuring cup
2. Pack FIRMLY into cup
3. Level off top

Measuring Fats (Butter, Margarine, shortening)
1. Stick method
Find correct measurement line on package(either by Tablespoon or faction of a cup) Cut on the line with a knife.

Measuring Fats (Butter, Margarine, shortening)
2. Dry measuring cup method
Press firmly into a dry measuring cup, making sure to remove all air bubbles. level off the top
Measuring Fats (Butter, Margarine, shortening)
3. Water Displacement Method
Fill large measuring cup partially with cold water. Place spoonfuls of solid shortening into the water to raise water level to desired amount. Pour off water and dump shortening into mixing bowl
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