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Descriptive paragraphs

No description

abdullah zaihi

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Descriptive paragraphs

Chapter 4 Descriptive paragraphs Organization The answers Thanks for
paying attention spatial order
topic sentences for descriptive
supporting sentences for descriptive
paragraph unity The writing process clustering Organization Supporting sentences Organization 1. Muslims do not drink alcohol, nor do they eat pork

2. Some christians do not work on sunday, for sunday is their day to worship

3. People who believe in the Hindu religion do not eat beef, for they believe that cows are sacred.

4. Muslim men are permitted to have four wives, yet few of them have more than one.

5. Buddhist monks do not marry, nor
do they own property Questions Sentence structure compound sentences with (yet, for, and nor)
varying sentence openings The writing process clustering Paragraph unity provide detail

writing more rich and interesting supporting sentences discuss 1 idea Other languages English (not wander away from the topic) (wander away from the topic) Spatial order Definition Spatial order
signals Exemple:
Top bottom Left middle right Inside outside Front back Example 1:
at the top
on the left
inside Example 2:

Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the design of the
Eiffel Tower.
Central Idea: The Eiffel Tower is divided into three sections.
Main Points: I. The lowest section of the tower contains the
entrance, a gift shop, and a restauran.
II. The middle section of the tower consists of
stairs and elevators that lead to the top.
III. The top section of the tower includes an
observation deck with a spectacular view of
Paris. Before you start writing, you should cluster some specitic intormations about your topic.

In china, we almost make a list to tell us what I am trying to say, like summary before we start writing. And then we use some interesting and beautiful sentences to describe and expand the list. Make your essay more better and smooth. Sentence Structure compound sentences
with yet, for, and nor varying sentence
openings coordinating conjunction Example:
I was scared, yet I was also curious about the old lady

It is not easy to get there, for you have to hike down a long, hot trail

The book is not very long, nor is it difficult to read.
(The book is not long. It is not difficult to read)
work in practice 5
at page 69 Yet has approxmately the same meaning as but; that is, it shows contrast or joins opposites. Use
yet when the second part of the sentence says something unexpected or surprising.

For has the same meaning as because; use for to introduce a reason or cause.

Nor mean "not this and not that"; use nor to join two negative sentences.

note; Use question word order after nor. Place helping verbs (is, does, did, can, will, etc.) before the subject. Time
in the early morning
at 3:00
during dinner
after the accident place
in the hall
beyond the darkness
in front of the house
at the top of the stairs possession
(the color) of the house
(the top) of the stairway
(the girl) with red hair I was afraid of many things during my childhool. During my childhool, I was afraid of many things. He married a girl with red hair. With red hair, he married a girl.
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