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Roots Supercharger

No description

Larry Murphy

on 20 December 2012

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Transcript of Roots Supercharger

Schedule Roots Supercharger Customer Requirements Must make considerably more power
Good life cycle
Must not modify the internals of the engine
Must be considerably light
Must have a professional looking finish
Preferred low end power Design Specs Roots Supercharger
Belt Driven
2 lobe rotors
Driven from flywheel Decision Matrix Calculations HP required for supercharger

Flow rate:
Volume of Air Compressed per Revolution x Engine Speed rpm @ 1:1 ratio = Flow rate

Lobe Diameter and Length
1.875 in dia x 3.16 in length Nate Diangelo, Nick Gezon, Chris McAdams, Larry Murphy Calculations Cont. Bearing Calculations

Gear Calculations

Output Pressure Volume of Air Compressed per Revolution x Engine Speed rpm @ 1:1 ratio = Flow rate Calculations Cont. Gear Ratio 1:1

Thermal Expansion

Thermal Expansion of Aluminum Alloy 6061 - 13.0 (microinch/(in F)) Engineering Specs Solid Model/FEA Epicycloid/Hyper cycloid Shaped Lobe


Gear Design

Bearings Manufacturing Material: Al6061 Steel1040
CNC Machining
Haas TM1 Manufacturing Cont. Testing Lobe Clearance
Dynamometer Cost Analysis Acknowledgments Southern Polytechnic State University- Machine Shop, CAD software and Autoclave
FSAE Race Team- Dynojet Chassis Dynamometer
Zach Houston (Georgia Institute of Technology) - Combustion Calculations, Thermal Efficiency, Mass Air Flow,
Kevin Starks (Teacher Assistant- SPSU) – Helped with difficult CNC machining needs
Professor Atiqullah (Ph.D. M.E. Purdue University, M.S. M.E. Purdue University, B.S. M.E. Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology) – Industrial Blower Consultation Questions? Finished Product
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