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The Yellow Birds

No description

on 16 March 2015

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Transcript of The Yellow Birds

The Yellow Birds
By: Kevin Powers

Chapter 2 Summary
In this chapter Bartle makes a promise to Murph's mother. He said Murph will make it home alive and well. Sergeant Sterling hears Bartle's promise and beats him telling him you cannot make promises when it comes to war.
Chapter 3 Summary
In this chapter you see how bad Bartle is struggling with PTSD. He goes AWOL in Germany and finds himself drunk in a brothel where Sterling finds him. Fortunately Sterling promises to cover for him so he does not get in any trouble.
Chapter 4 Summary
In chapter 4 everyone is back in Iraq taking turns for watch out shifts. A mail runner arrives with mail for everybody but Sterling. You can tell that this upsets him. Murph receives a letter from his girlfriend saying that she is breaking up with him. To ease the pain Bartle and Murph drink under a tree to conclude this chapter.
Chapter 5 & 6 Summary
Chapter 5 and 6 are all about the PTSD the soldiers are now showing. In chapter 5 Bartle is in an airport where he begins hallucinating about leaving a trail of sand behind him and refuses to let the airport bartender show any gratitude to Bartle defending our country. Chapter 6 tells that the war is getting more intense and its taking a toll on all of the soldier's mental stability.
Chapter 7 Summary
Chapter 7 takes a trip back home with Bartle. He spends his days locked up in his house drinking away the pain the war has caused. He puts so much effort into avoiding everybody at all costs and only leaves his house to get more alcohol.
Chapter 1 Summary
In this chapter you meet Bartle, who watches over Murph like a big brother and Malik who is the translator who later dies in a fire fight. You also learn Murph dies but the author does not tell you how yet.
Chapter 8 Summary
In chapter 8 Bartle notices Murph is becoming more distant. Murph soon wanders off and when Bartle goes to look for him mortars start to fall. When Bartle finds Murph he is hunched over a female medic. Murph's feelings begin to show and it's getting the best of him.
Chapter 9 Summary
In this chapter Murph's death is really hard on Bartle. He moves to an old gasworks building to get away from everyone and everything. The CID show's up where Bartle admits to writing the letter to Murph's mother but the CID has a letter to Bartle from Murph's mother as well.
Chapter 10 & 11 Summary
In chapter 10 Bartle and Sterling head out to go look for Murph who is missing. They come across his dead body. He seemed to be tortured then thrown off a short building. They decide to dump his body into the river to save Murph's mother from any hurt and pain.
In chapter 11 you learn that Bartle is in prison. He seems to not care that he's spending his days in a small cell and he has no preference if he happens to die or live. He loses any motivation he might have had left.
Found Poem
The Sincerity of the War
We were almost home and almost gone
We stayed awake on amphetamines and fear
We will soon be asked to do great violence in the Cause of good
But the world makes liars of us all

The dirty knives that stabbed him were Addressed to "whom it may concern"
And the ghosts of the dead filled the empty Seats of every gate we passed
We were only afraid of dying
But things happened the way they happened Without regard to our desire for them to have Happened another way

And the sun set like a clot of blood on the Horizon
It made love and gave birth that spread through fire
These scales aren't ever going to be level
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