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No description

Sabneet Hundal

on 11 February 2016

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Transcript of Christmas


Christmas food
For Christmas they ate on Christmas eve at the feast is apple cider it is a sweet drink out of apple,log cake is a log shaped cake ,butter tart is butter pastry ,candy cans,Christmas pudding,doughnuts ,egg note is a sweetened dairy product made of milk cream and suger,egg,fruit cake, gingerbread .etc
a carol
The Reindeer
There are 9 reindeer that Santa used for flying the sle named dancer,dasher,prancer,vixen,comet,cupid,Donner and bit zen and don't forget Rudolph
Christmas tree
a Christmas tree is a Christmas decoration there are 4 types of trees they used
1. white pine
2.Blue Spruce
4.Decorar Cedar and more

fun fact
the german made the first artificial Christmas goose feather tree
A Christmas carol also called a noel. Carol lyrics is a Christmas theme song. they sing carols in winter mostly at Christmas days.
Christmas is owned by canadians one of the traditions is to sing carols,Christmas parade mean official opening of Christmas seasons,with the arrival of Santa Claus the parades include themed floats dancing,marching groups . bands , decorating Christmas trees, and giving Christmas gift is a tradision and leaving cookies for Santa

history of christmas

treat time
pop quiz
1.what are the names of the reindeer and how many
2.what are the 4 type of trees

4.what day would it be Christmas

name five foods they had at the feast

when it is Christmas and santa clause

Christmas is on December 25. in french they say Santa clause as
Le père noel Santa clauses story stared in the 4Th century when saint Nichols died . in holin he was known as sinter Klaus he spreader gifts like saint Nichols no one knows how he looked so Thomas nest a cartoon drawer drawed a version of Santa clause and that picture was set of Santa clause

by sabneet

Santa clause was real for 200 years or more but I believe in Santa
fun facts
they first decorated Christmas tree was in Riga, Latvia in 1510
3.how would you say Santa Claus in french
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