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Art Criticism: Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali

No description

Alexandra Tamayo

on 15 November 2014

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Transcript of Art Criticism: Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali

Art Criticism:
Persistence of Memory
by Salvador Dali

Judgment or Evaluation
The painting is a success due to the surreal effect it gives off to the viewers. It is out of the ordinary and unique in its own way, giving it a deeper meaning that others may interpret differently. That's what is so great about the artwork. Different symbols, like the clocks, could mean something specific depending on the viewer, for example, it made me think of time running out and slowly melting away.
The work is constructed in a very flowing way. There is a sense of peace with all the open space and the warm colors used. The clocks painted show repetition and harmony because they are close together and all share the same form of a melting clock. There is an orange object with the top filled with ants and i could see why they would be there because the scenery makes up a desert but it seems out of place to only put in that one spot. The swarm of ants creates emphasis on the painting because they are set on a bright color surrounded by a dark brown color. The ants therefore stand out along with the horizon and forms of rock created in the background. The subject within the painting are the three clocks. They could be painted to look like an illusion in the shape of an actual object that would be in the spots where the clocks are set.

The qualities of this artwork brings someone into their deeper thoughts about what the painting actually means. It makes you wonder and also makes is calming and okay to feel confused. The artwork remind me of when you dream and somehow random objects or even people appear out of nowhere, but in some way that means something to you when you wake up. You control your dreams, and see what you sometimes cant comprehend when you wake up. But when you are dreaming everything feels like it makes sense and that it is all normal.

The written description of the work states the theme to be of time. This painting was created in 1931, at Port Lligat, north of Barcelona, Spain. The elements of the work help to create a deeper meaning for the painting.The lines used act as the shadow of the forms and surfaces which cause the viewers to feel a sense of smoothness. There is a smooth texture implemented in this artwork. The sense of balance in this painting comes from the colors used. This painting makes a good contrast of blue and yellow and the dark and light areas make the painting balanced so that the viewers attention can move smoothly throughout the artwork. The recognizable images of this painting seem to create a desert scenery due to the amount of space in the background and the colors that make is seem sandy. On the floor there's a shape that looks like a horse of some type of big animal that is laying on the floor and the clock that covers its stomach could be used as a saddle.

Tips to judge artwork:
A way that would make it easy for others to judge the artwork is to simply ask yourself if any of the symbols makes sense to you. Any metaphors? Connections? Also researching the artist to find out their background story and things they might have gone through could help understand their painting better.
The clocks create a theme of time, so i suppose that the melting clocks mean that time is fading away or somehow appearing to ones eye because they look blury and as if they were not real.
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