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IL Digital Activist

No description

American Majority

on 17 August 2017

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Transcript of IL Digital Activist

American Majority continually trains, organizes, mobilizes, and equips new grassroots conservative leaders.
We believe meaningful, lasting political change starts not in Washington D.C., but at
state and local levels
, where most actual government decisions and spending occurs.
Social Media
What is it good for?

for Success

The Best of
the Rest

Your People
Live Online
Nearly 80%
of Americans
use Facebook
88% of 18-29
use Facebook
62% of 65+
use Facebook
Everything you
post should serve your goals
Measure Everything
Engagement above Eyeballs

Follow the Data
Show Don't Tell
3. Use Imagery/Video Whenever Possible
Your goals drive your content
Study: "Beyond Self-Report: Tools to Compare Estimated and Real-World Smartphone Use" 10/28/15
People check their smartphone 85 times and spend a total of 5 hours on their device
Facebook and Google account for more than three times the total number of minutes spent with all other apps.
Facebook is the main source of political news for millennials, Gen X-ers.
- Pew Research, June 2015,
Social Media – the Local TV for the Next Generation?
About Me
Humans like Human Faces
3. Tone/Tact
You're more than politics
Talk with not at people
Free Image Editing Tools
Don't Steal
Right On Time
Post when your followers are active
Prepare for the Predictable
Holidays, cultural events, sporting events
What is your goal?
Proper Engagement

Can you hear me now?
your followers hear from you.
Profile vs Page
What should you post?
The Algorithm or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the Algorithm
It's how Facebook decides what should appear in your Newsfeed

Not everything you post is seen by your followers.

It "snowballs" outwards






What to Tweet
What you read!

Have conversations with folks

Who To Follow


Thought leaders

People that should follow you
How to Get Followers
Make an attractive profile page

Engage with others

Follow other people

Refer to your Twitter elsewhere
Free Tools to Use
Another Free Tool
Your smartphone is your best tool

Facebook is promoting video

Keep it under 5 minutes
Turn your phone horizontally

Avoid the "selfie" camera

Find a quiet area

Buy a small tripod
Free Video
Editing Programs


Windows Movie Maker
Emerging Platforms
Go where
your audience lives
Keep Social Media
in its place
Bridge to your website/email lists

Tool for communicating

Focus on your goals
2016 Facebook Algorithm Change
Don't abandon your Website and Email
Higher engagement

You own it

It's not going anywhere
Let's keep in touch

Pew Research 2016
Up from 48% in 2015
Be the Digital Activist Every Movement Needs
Authenticity is obvious
How to get started
Alert your email list

Invite friends and family

Post consistently
62% use social media rather than traditional news media to keep up on the latest events — Up from 2012’s 49%.
Pew Research, May 2016
Any Recent Examples of politicians using social media instead of traditional?
Does it Work?
Facebook Says
1.18 billion daily active users on average for September 2016

1.09 billion mobile daily active users on average for September 2016

1.79 billion monthly active users as of September 30, 2016

1.66 billion mobile monthly active users as of September 30, 2016

Approximately 84.9% of our daily active users are outside the US and Canada (about 178,000,000 monthly users in US/CAN)
- Colorado Politics
- National Politics
- Promoting free trade
- Sports (baseball)
- Personal endeavors (hobbies, friends)
1. Be Intentional
Become Self-aware
Everyone has a purpose. Think about yours, and think about what you can best accomplish.

Name 3 things you're passionate about
Those words should reflect who you are on social media
Your identity drives:
- What you're talking about
- Why you're talking about it
- Who you're talking to
“Every profile is your professional profile.” - Guy Kawasaki
tell a story
go dark
Cover photo:
reflects your personality
Profile Setup
Will this convince anyone to think differently?
What problem am I solving?
What is my goal/call to action?
Why will people listen to me?
1. Who is your audience?
This will drive your subject matter and style
You're 10% likely to remember something 3 days later in words
You're 65% likely to remember information paired with an image
Donors, Volunteers, Votes
Donors, Volunteers, Votes
Can you hear me now?
your followers hear from you.
(88% of Registered Voters)
Posts with images get 2x the amount of engagement as other posts.

Remember Mobile users: 50% of Facebook users log in on their mobile devices ONLY
Remember, Show, don't tell.
Show don't tell with VIDEO
"Video Might Be Your Best Bet With Facebook's Algorithm Update"
By Lesya Liu

"Yes, you’ve read it right – use of video. Facebook is making a huge push for its native video features, including Facebook Live and audience targeting. The social network will analyze not only time sent on written content, but multimedia as well. Video content is on a mind-blowing rise; it is also more engaging because of its ability to involve multiple senses.

It is also much more effective for a content creator to produce a one-minute video instead of 500-word article with the exact same content. It is also much more time-efficient on a part of a user who might spare a minute for your content instead of scanning through an article (a whooping majority of people these days tend to read only titles)."
AM Colorado Example
Facebook Live
Facebook users spend 3X more time watching live videos than traditional videos
Ads Manager Basics
Use targeting!
How do I decide?
What am I trying to accomplish?
What is my budget?
Use metrics!

Pay attention to what's out there - use tactics that are working!

Save examples

Read articles
Use ideas!
You have one shot

Most users will take one action (if any) with your Facebook posts. They will either "Like" "Share" "Click" and not take another action.

What's your call to action?
using the words "like" and "share" directly in non-boosted posts hurt your algorithms.
New guide for overlaying text
3. Tweet Consistently
Political Tweets: the More the merrier

Consistent tweeting will encourage engagement, build a brand
Share what you know
Create and use hashtags
Use @mentions & retweets
Conduct a twitter poll
Tweet at the media
Ask questions*
Thank others
Increase Engagement
In recent study, 42% of SM users said they feel "jealous" when friends get more likes than they do. (Kaspersky Lab)
It's competitive!
How do we break through this noise in 2017?
How do we organize for offline action?
What is Twitter?
(of a bird) a call consisting of repeated light tremulous sounds.
The most common form of micro-blogging. Twitter allows users to organize conversation and reach thousands of other users talking about the same things.
140 Characters to say whatever you want
Follower-based social media (chronological)
Primarily used for news and live events
1. Understand your voice
Why are you on Twitter?
Who are you talking to?
What are you telling them?
2. Build A Following
Spend time following like-minded accounts
Engage with the accounts you follow

If you're goal is to be a "troll" and purely an agitator against the left, you're in the wrong place.
Conservatives need to elevate the conversation online.

Online rhetoric has deteriorated. And political tribalism is at all-time highs.
Organizing for Offline Action
- Mobilizing Voters, Donors, Volunteers
- Holding the media accountable/circumventing the media entirely
- Spreading and increasing your influence
- Raising Money
Would you consider this a net positive or negative?
There is more noise than ever
Be a positive voice

Make connections

Learn how to post with a purpose
Everyone has an audience that they can influence
- current or past political efforts
- campaign volunteers
- local party members
- media members
- CREATE thoughtful dialogue
- BUILD bridges when possible
- There are enough NEGATIVE voices
Speaking of Authenticity
"Bernie Sanders Dank Meme Stash"
- 400,000 members
- Organic, free for all SM
- Winnie Wong of "People for Bernie" made #feelthebern
Outside groups organized pop culture messaging

Campaign pushed policy/ messaging and organized viral effect
Formula for the future?
Image content and humor play a role in influencing younger voters.

Perception is everything (2 70+ white males dominated the 2016 news cycle)
Strategies for
Strategies for
Trump utilized Twitter like no politician before
But he could do it only because of who HE was.
So what should you do in 2017?
LEARN from Trump.

Don't try to BE Trump.
1. Be authentic - Twitter is a "raw" platform
2. Don't apologize unless necessary - apologies can be necessary, but many politicians back down too quickly
3. Call out elected officials and political opponents
How do you do it?
4.Use hashtags and live-tweet
# help you organize conversation online
"Live-tweeting" means tweeting during an event - using hashtags

This organizes conversation because EVERYONE can talk about the same thing and see all other tweets
5. Interact with reporters/politcians
Twitter is hands down the best social media app to connect with reporters/celebrities
You can help reporters to improve reporting and call out media bias
Put political pressure on politicians
6. Find new ways to increase reach
Conduct a twitter poll
Pin tweets
Check out your analytics
When is the best time to post?
See what other activists are doing
Tweet During Session: #AMTrain
What to Tweet?
What you read
Have conversations
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