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Compare & Contrasting Gathering Blue and The Giver

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Alexis Lorenc

on 28 March 2011

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Transcript of Compare & Contrasting Gathering Blue and The Giver

Comparing & Contrasting The Giver and Gathering Blue Both novels by Lois Lowery have their similarities and their differences. Three things to compare and contrast are their main characters, their setting, and the conflict. Let's start with the characters. Both characters, Jonas and Kira, are assinged a job that they have to accomplish. They both also have a special skill. Jonas's skill is seeing beyond Kira's is threading. Another similarity is between Asher and Matt They both are loud, outspoken, and foolish. Also, Lily and Kira both have something that gives them comfort (Lily's comfort object and Kira's thread). Another thing about Kira and Jonas is that they are both the same age. Some similarities of the setting are ... They both live in a utopian society, they both have a ceremony/gathering which all of the community attends, and if you have a disability when you are born, you are killed. Now for the differences. Even though both of the main characters had to struggle, they both stayed strong. Another similarity is that in both stories, both of the characters try to uncover the truth. Jonas tries to discover the truth about release, and Kira tries to figure out the truth about beasts In Jonas's community, they dont live with their birth parents, but in Kira's, they do. Also, at the end of the books, Jonas escapes his community, but Kira stays in hers. In the Giver, people are emotionless and cant see color, And in Gathering Blue, it is the complete opposite, becuase Kira cries and see's the different colors of the threads. Another difference is that in Jonas's community, there are guards, but there are none in Kira's community. That's why Jonas had to sneak out, and Kira's dad only had to walk right through. Both Jonas and Kira go to an older person for help with their skill. In The Giver, people are killed by walking through a door and being released, While in Gathering Blue, people are taken to the Field of Leaving. Both books have their similarities and differences, but overall I think that they were both entertaining in their own way.
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