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Chinese Invention

It about Chinese Invention

natalie xian

on 23 February 2011

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Transcript of Chinese Invention

Chinese Inventions What did the Chinese make which was originally used for window,painting,lantern,umbrella and fans? Mostly they used silk cloth for making windows,painting,lantern,unbrella and fans.Sometimes bamboo or thin wooden strips. Explain how did the explosive device the Chinese invented changed warfare.
During the tang dynasty accidently, they made gunpowder and it was used for cannons during war and they made fireworks to scare off the enemies during war. From then on new weapons are rapidly developed. How does acupuncture work? Acupuncture needles, heated in the form of moxa and the use of "cups". If Qi is blocked it will result in the body a risk of getting diseases. So acupuncture helps to stop that from happening. Mostly they used silk cloth for making windows, painting, lantern, umbrellas and fans. Sometimes bamboo or thin wooden strips. What important invention did the Chinese make which helped in the creation of steel making? The creation of the furnace in 6th Century. The ancient chinese people were the first people in the world to figure out how to make cast iron. It is powered by steam and boiling water. The hot air makes the furnace heat up. Choose a chinese invention which surprised you and explain why you chose it. We found the bamboo paper surprising because it's interesting how they made it easily out of thin rags, silk and bark.
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