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Dante's Inferno Project

No description

Taylor Sauer

on 17 May 2011

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Transcript of Dante's Inferno Project

Dante's Inferno Canto 34: Relevance to today Lucifer was known as one of the most beautiful angels until he disobeyed God and he made him into an ugly devil. Mel Gibson Tiger Woods Charlie Sheen Tiger Woods: He had hundreds upon billions of dollars made in his golf career. Known all around the world for being a professional golfer. Woods supermodel wife found out about all the women Tiger has been with during their marriage. Over 20 and the list seems to never end. His infedelities led to a couple of sponsers letting his contract go. This cost him over 2 million dollars. He currently dropped out of the PGA tour from injuries and he has never been the same as he was before his mischeif came to the public. Charlie Sheen was a major character in the comedy show Two and a Half Men and starred in serveral movies before-hand. He started to do drugs and hang out with hookers with his twin infant children. The entire world knew about these acts in a heartbeat. He is now currently unemployed and is on his own comedy tour, which has gotten bad reports lately. He wasn't normally a name in an everyday household until he was "Winning" and had "Tiger Blood" Mel Gibson creator of Passion of the Christ a moving and influental Christian movie. Besides this amazing movie he normally starred in bloody battle movies. A great actor that he is nobody wants to work with him anymore because of what has happened to him lately. He said "When I drink someone else takes over me." He has had plenty of outburst on his girlfriend that could scare anyone and many Driving Under Influence charges. These men are just a few examples of what being famous can do to you. You lose your ability to talk to God and let him take control of your life and do the right thing. Even though many of these men could be Christians they need a better lifestyle. Celebrities are more caught up with what they can do to get there name out in the paper more, they don't relieze how they are hurting the ones that love them. The relevance to today is that these men had amazing lives and had whatever they wanted just like Lucifer did being the most beautiful angel. He disobeyed God and was cast away from Heavan. Mel Gibson was a great actor, Charlie Sheen was hilarious on his TV show, and Tiger Woods was a professional golfer. Now what do they have now that they have not followed God's word? There lives are ruined by the crimes they have committed.
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