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Empowering 21st Century Students Using Web 2.0

Tired of teaching 21st Century students with 20th Century tools? Come transform traditional science projects with Web 2.0. Learn to use a variety of free tools, resources and technologies in order to create engaging science lessons to empower today's digi

Katy Webb

on 10 January 2015

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Transcript of Empowering 21st Century Students Using Web 2.0

Empowering 21st Century
(and Teachers!)

is an online tool used for creating non-linear presentations where you "zoom" around a visual map.

create dynamic presentations and graphic organizers
encourage collaboration
focus on one idea or many
upload documents, videos, and pictures
accessible from anywhere
What is Web 2.0?

It is the shift from a Read-only Web
to the "NEW" Read/Write Web
that encourages collaboration and creativity.

Cost: Free/Subscription
Uses in the Classroom
is an online tool used to create video slideshows using your own pictures, video clips, and text.

create videos
"how to" or explanations
lab write-ups - include their pictures from their labs
biographies and movie trailers
Uses in the Classroom
Apply for the Educational Subscription!
is a fast online tool to download videos from YouTube, DailyMotion, Google Video, Megavideo, Metacafe and Vimeo.
download videos (without ads!)
great work around for districts that block websites
Uses in the Classroom
Downloading with KeepVid
is an online tool for converting files from one format to another.
Cost: Free
online file conversion between file formats (document, image, music, video and audio)
download videos
great work around for districts that block websites
Uses in the Classroom
is an online tool for creating
"word clouds" using text you provide.
Cost: Free
vocabulary and spelling
brainstorm visualization
summarizing concepts
Uses in the Classroom
a desktop program used for capturing screenshots and videos and sharing.
Cost: Free
if you can see it or do it on your computer screen, you can capture it as a picture or video (up to 5 min.)
audio can be included or muted
text can be added to pictures
students can record explanations and processes
Uses in the Classroom
basic use is free, educational subscription available
introduce topics, ideas and misconceptions
create projects that convey knowledge and understanding
present real situations (such as jobs and school interviews) in the classroom
create mockumentaries or interviews
creative and interactive for all grade levels
Uses in the Classroom
creates animated 3D movies from text.
Cost: Free/Subscription
peer review and evaluation
check for understanding, think-pair-share
view and discuss
observation and inference
Uses in the Classroom
is an online, collaborative, multimedia slide show that lets others leave comments - using voice, text and video.
Cost: Free/Commercial
student projects
develops ideas using a variety of media on one format Glogs (virtual, interactive posters)
use Glogster EDU it is content appropriate
Uses in the Classroom
is an online tool for creating a virtual, interactive posters loaded with text, graphics, music, videos
Cost: Free/Subscription
sample Glog from Glogster EDU
is an online interactive website with virtual labs and simulations
review previous knowledge
check for understanding
interactive activities
engage student learning
reinforce concepts
Uses in the Classroom
is an online tool for interactive flashcards that contain educational games.
has mobile apps for phones, iPods and iPads
Uses in the Classroom
are short for Quick Response barcodes.
are 2D barcodes, usually in the shape of a square.
are used to link a physical location to virtual location containing information (pictures, websites, text and video).
QR Codes

extend learning
add a code in books that leads to video tutorials or additional information (ex. put codes on the periodic table linking to a video about that element)
engage student interest
to poll students
create a scavenger or treasure hunt
simplify your Log In procedures
Uses in the Classroom
is an online tool that provides feedback on grammar, spelling, word choice, and style as well detecting plagiarism.
Cost: Free

plagiarism detector
instant feedback on writing
checks grammar, spelling, and vocabulary
pregrades student work
promotes student independence
Uses in the Classroom
is an online file synching too that helps you store files whatever they are and access them any time wherever you are.
Cost: Free/Commercial

store files and access them from different locations
share files
collect student work (
is one tool I use daily!
Uses in the Classroom
is a computational knowledge engine, not a search engine
Computes information; i.e. put in an algebraic equation and the answer will be computed or put in a date and receive information on what happened that day
Wolfram Alpha

"show steps" in a variety of math problems
scientific calculator
Science - Physics, Chemistry, Life Sciences, Earth Sciences, Astronomy, Meteorology
Socratic Learning
Uses in the Classroom
is an office suite of tools used for creating documents, spreadsheets and presentations that works on Mac, Windows and Linux.
Open Office

compatible with other "major office suites"
is a word processor
creates multimedia presentations
contains a spread sheet
many students use this
Uses in the Classroom
is an online tool for creating citations (MLA and APA) and bibliographies.
Cost: Free

create bibliographies and works cited
can be downloaded in several formats
Uses in the Classroom
is a realtime, online behavior management tool while
monitoring data on behavior that teachers can share with parents and administrators
Cost: Free
Class Dojo

improves behavior by recording real-time feedback
share data
saves time
avatars keep students engaged
Uses in the Classroom
Results from a search on Carbon
Cost: Free
Apply for the Educational Subscription!

work collaboratively in and out of the classroom
review and summarize
create KWL charts
peer editing
problem solving
editing history is saved
Uses in the Classroom
is an online, word processing tool that is used for real-time document collaboration.
Cost: Free/Commercial
posted on YouTube by by k8teaw
Digital World: Teachers Today
created using Animoto
Screencast created using
3D animated movie created using Xtranormal.

QRreader for Desktop (Adobe Air app)
iCandy Reader (Mac & Win desktop, iOS)
QuickMark QR Reader for Mac ($)
QuickMark QR Reader for PC
Mobile device readers
Desktop readers
QR Code generators

QR Code Quiz Generator
Periodic Table videos via QR Codes
QRHacker: liven up your QR codes
Interactive Resume
World's largest QR code
QR Voice (turn 100 words of text into speech)
QR Code Readers
Presented by
Katy Webb
Friendswood ISD,
Juliann Brooks
Friendswood ISD,
Brenna Gilbertson
LaMarque ISD

Galveston Regional Collaborative

What is 21st Century Education?
self-directed practice and preparation
review of vocabulary and concepts
memorization tool
engage student learning with flashcards and games
create your own or choose from databank
Join us at
TodaysMeet is a private chat room
where you can see only what you need to see,
and your audience doesn't need to learn
any new tools like hash tags to keep everything together.

is an online tool for creating a
private "chat room".

Cost: Free

TodaysMeet QR code reader for mobile phones
Qrafter QR Code Reader (optimized for iPad)
i-nigma reader (all mobile OS)
Barcode Reader (Android OS)
QRDroid (Android)
QR Scanner (iOS)
QRReader (iOS)
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