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Shai Ballislife

on 15 December 2015

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Transcript of PARALYZED

Jeff Rud is the author of ten sports-related books for children. This is his second novel in Orca Sports Series. Rud worked for nearly thirty years as a journalist in Western Canada before becoming a media relations manager in British Columbia's ministry of education. He and his wife Lana, a middle-school teacher, have two children and live in Victoria, British Colombia.

Summary Part 2
After that Reggie's parents decided to get him a therapist and his coach decided to sit him for the next game because they thought it was best for him. I saw you celebrating after that play don't think I didn't notice just leave!". Later on in the story Reggie's therapist started to make him realize the situation was not his fault and Reggie started playing football again. The only problem Reggie still has is the fact that Reggie's mom still does not forgive him and she wants him to be suspended from football for as long as her son is injured.
Reader Who'd Enjoy The Novel
The type of reader who would like this book is someone who likes sports and many verbal conflicts. The gender that would prefer this is male. I think if you are a person who does not like sports then you should not read this book because that is what it revolves around.
Thank you for your time and presence have a nice day

The novel Paralyzed is a very interesting and unique book. In the novel a young boy named Reggie Scott takes on a bunch of difficult problems. During the first highschool football game a boy named Nate Brown get's injured really badly. During the game Reggie get's thrown a pass and Nate tries to tackle him. While Nate tackles him he uses poor tackling technique and ends up getting hurt really badly and falls on the floor. Everyone in the stadium thought that he just fell and it was not serious but he would not get up. After that the ambulance came and took him to the hospital. After that Reggie took the whole situation and put it on his shoulders and did not want to talk to anybody, play any sports, or even go to school. Everyone knew that the incident was not Reggie's fault except for Nate's mom. A couple days after that Reggie went to the hospital to see how Nate is doing but when he approached Nate. Nate's mom saw Reggie and freaked out on him and her face turned red and she said " I don't want to see you here again and neither does Nate.
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