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The Black Stallion

No description

Laura Cody

on 10 March 2015

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Transcript of The Black Stallion

Alexander "Alec" Ramsay is the only survivor of a devastating shipwreck aboard the Drake. Trapped on a forgotten island, Alec finds that his only friend is a ruthless, reckless, black stallion horse. The horse who had saved his life.
First Synopsis
Second Synopsis
The fire spreads, and starts to burn most of the trees on the island, while Alec and Black are sleeping. The next morning Alec and the Black are rescued, and they take a boat to Brazil. There Alec buys two tickets home, one for himself, and one for his new best friend, the Black.
Third Synopsis

This book is............

The Black Stallion
By: Walter Farley

Prezi By: Alix Potter
I recommend this book to boys and girls, ages nine through 12.
Alec names the horse, Black. The horse is named the Black because he was dark as night, and the blackest horse Alec had ever seen. They become best friends, and one night they made a fire.
Fourth Synopsis
Alec comes home and starts training the Black to be a race horse. Black becomes the mystery horse who will supposedly beat the two best horses in history. Black falls behind in the race, but catches up to Cyclone and Sun Raider.(The other horses in the race.) Black and Alec win the race, and are amazingly proud of themselves.
Alec (boy)
12 year old boy
Black (horse)
Black Stallion
Five Adjectives Describing This Book:
Time magazine says, "One of the most exiting books for both boys and girls."
My Mom says, "It's one of the most interesting books she ever read as a child."
"Its full of Rotten Tomatoes" says Jenna Vanadium.
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