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Creative iPad Prezi Template from McGrathPortfolio.com

Creative iPad Prezi Template to share from McGrathPortfolio.com

Thomas McGrath

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Creative iPad Prezi Template from McGrathPortfolio.com

Welcome This iPad Prezi template was created for everyone
to share, download and use.

Modify the template to fit your presentation and add your own creativity.

Feel free to contact us on FaceBook at
McGrathPortfolio. (and please "like us" too.)
or e-mail us at:
thomas@mcgrathportfolio.com This presentation has been created by the fine folks at McGrathPortfolio.

Follow us on FaceBook at McGrathPortfolio

See more of our work online:

Cheers! Your Title goes here Upload a video to your presentation or add a link from your favorite You Tube video. Great Job! Make your point in Notes.
Update your meeting minutes
Highlight your Company's highlights
Announce upcoming events Visit Prezi for more ideas Prezi - ideal for iPad presentations Put us on your calendar Monday - No more Morning Meetings
Tuesday - Double up on Lunch breaks
Wednesday - Hump day Festivities
Thursday - After work parties
Friday - Begin Casual work day Tell your story
with pictures Add your photos here Map it out! Give your audience direction
Show them where you started
Set milestones
Or just motor on... When you come to a fork in the road... take it.
- Yogi Berra If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there.
- George Harrison Set dates or reschedule.
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